What you should look for in a partner

Most of us, even the hardened ice-queens, just want to be loved, but sometimes it’s just not that easy. Dating seems to be a total minefield, and it’s hard to find what we don’t know we’re looking for! So when it comes to falling in love, what should we be looking for in a partner?


This is a pretty important part of any relationship. Someone can seem utterly perfect on paper, but if there is no spark, it is never going to work. Sometimes chemistry can surprise us and come from somewhere that we don’t expect it, but it is one of the only things that cannot be faked, so trust your gut!

What you should look for in a partner

Common interests

Not everything has to match, but it is useful to have some common or compatible interests. For example, if you love hiking and they loathe the outdoors, is it going to work? If you like eating and they enjoy cooking, however, it might be a match made in heaven! If you don’t have anything at all in common, what will you do on dates?!

Similar beliefs

Again, you don’t have to agree with everything the other person believes but some things might be really important to you and could be deal breakers. For example, if he is set on having children, but you absolutely do not want any, then it might not work for you. Decide what you are willing to compromise on or accept about another person and don’t feel bad if you don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who has specific beliefs that don’t line up with yours.

Where are you in your life?

A partner should be in a similar place in life to you. If one of you is ready to settle down, get married and have children but the other is planning on a year-long backpacking trip around Asia, you might not be right for each other. You should never feel as though you are stopping your partner from doing something and vice versa. Love should improve your life, not put it on hold!

A sense of humor

When things go wrong in life, as they inevitably do, you want someone by your side who will try to cheer you up or look on the bright side of things. They don’t have to be a stand-up comedian, but someone who will get your jokes and makes you laugh will make for many happy years together.

What you should look for in a partner


This is one of the most important parts of any relationship. You need to find someone who will not play games with your feelings and who you feel you can trust. If you have been hurt before it can be a little more difficult to trust a new partner, however, they should be willing to earn your trust if you are willing to be open to giving it to them.


Although you are lovers, you should also be friends. When the nights of passion are a little less frequent, you should be left with someone who you enjoy spending time with. Friendship is the foundation of a solid relationship.

Never sell yourself short or settle for anything less than you deserve. There is someone out there for everyone, and you deserve the perfect partner for you!