Swedish model with 40-inch long legs goes viral

Life can be funny. One minute you’re in high school, ridiculed for your looks, and the next you’re a online sensation celebrated for the exact same features for which you were mocked. This was the case for a Swedish model and bodybuilder Ia Ostergren, who is currently rising to fame for the same reason she used to be made fun of when she was young.

Let’s face it, high school can be brutal. It is a time when we are still growing, learning, and maturing into a young adult. It is also a time when our self-confidence can be at its lowest. Most of us can probably recall a period in our lives when we were made fun of or bullied, especially during those awkward teenage years. And let’s admit it, many of us have dreamed of making a comeback one day and putting our former bullies in their place.

Ostergren is a 34-year-old mother-of-two who has recently become an Internet star after stunning thousands of people all over the world with her remarkable figure. Standing at a lovely 5ft 10in, her legs alone measure at an impressive 40 inches long.

Although nowadays she is flooded with messages and comments of love and support by her 200k followers on Instagram, she wasn’t always admired for her lengthy legs and unique proportions. In fact, she had to endure years of torment at the hands cruel classmates who made fun of her for being “too skinny” and “too tall.” It wasn’t until she reached her mid-20s that she discovered just how special and beautiful her body really is.

The gorgeous fitness guru is now more confident and happy than she has ever been before, and is finally standing up to her past haters. Instead of trying to hide her unique physique like she once did, she now flaunts and shows off her enviable body by wearing skinny jeans, miniskirts, and even high-heeled shoes.

Ia has become a true inspiration to thousands of men and women out there who have struggled with body image in the past, and is using her social media presence to encourage others to love and be proud of the features that they were born with. The Swedish beauty is a perfect example of how you can take something about your body that once made you self-conscious, and learn not only to accept it, but embrace and love it as well.

Continue reading to see the extraordinary, long-legged beauty who has been shaking up the Internet for yourself. Her pictures are so astonishing that you may not believe they aren’t photoshopped!

Unique proportions

Thanks to the Internet, becoming a celebrity by accident is more common than ever. A 34-year-old mother-of-two from Stockholm, Sweden never meant to become famous. However, she is now taking the Internet by storm due to her remarkable figure. The model and bodybuilder stands at 5ft 10in, which may not seem like an unusual height for a model, but what makes her stand out is her amazing, unique proportions. Her legs alone measure at a staggering 40 inches long.

Online fame

For the last couple of years, Ia Ostergren has been stunning her thousands of online followers with her marvelously long legs. Recently, the fitness guru has gained quite the strong fanbase thanks to her lengthy stems, and has received a great deal of positive feedback since going viral. Although today she embraces her beautiful body, she was not always so confident. In fact, she suffered through years of traumatic bullying before she was finally able to accept and appreciate her physique.


As a teenager, the athletic Swede was teased mercilessly and called cruel names due to her tall frame. The bullying was so traumatic that it caused her to fall into a deep depression. Her fellow classmates mocked the future model for her height, which made her feel lonely and incredibly self-conscious. The bullying got so bad that she dreaded going to school, and tried to avoid social events and gatherings at all costs. After years of suffering, Ia came to a realization…

Gaining confidence

In 2013, Ia decided to take up sports. It was then, that she realized that she could use her long and slender physique to her advantage. Instead of feeling sorry for herself and hating her physical appearance, like she had since she was a young girl, she learned to love her body more and more. As she discovered her true passion for sports and fitness, she got out of her depression and grew into a confident, strong woman.

Finding love

Ia is now happier than she has ever been, and it is no wonder why, considering all of the great things she has going on in her life lately. Not long after changing her lifestyle, she met and fell in love with Swedish bodybuilder Torbjörn Östergren. The good-looking pair met after exchanging a few messages on Instagram and felt a connection right away due to their shared passion for fitness. Once they finally met in person, they knew they had each found “the one” and got married shortly after.

Fit parents

Following the two bodybuilders’ marriage, they became parents to their first child, a baby girl. The lovely couple now has two young daughters. However, pregnancy and motherhood did not get in the way of Ia’s fitness goals, and she maintained her extraordinary physique through it all by eating healthy and working out before, during, and after each pregnancy. The mother-of-two often refers to herself as a “fit mom” on Instagram, and refers to her husband as “fit dad.”


The fit mom took to social media to share this photo of her pregnant belly with her second baby. The first picture was snapped not long before giving birth, and the second one was taken only 7 months following. Ia was quick to receive plenty of comments from women who were inspired by the mother-of-two’s quick transformation. One fan wrote, “This is unbelievably amazing. I really hope I’ll be able to do the same after my first kid.”


Over the last couple of years, the 34-year-old has become a true Internet celebrity. She has accumulated nearly 200,000 followers on her Instagram page, where she is known for sharing some of her modeling pics, typically posing in flattering workout attire, swimsuits or skinny jeans that show off her toned legs. She also frequently posts pics of her at the gym mid-workout and flexing her impressive muscles. Each photo typically gains at least a few thousands likes.

Dedicated fans

Although the Swedish model has collected hundreds of thousands of fans from all around the world, she has become particularly popular in Russia, where female bodybuilding is on the rise. In order to please her strong Russian following, she often uses her Russian language skills in her posts’ captions and hashtags in order to keep her followers there happy. One of her followers wrote to her, “I am from Russia and I have just fallen in love.”


On her Instagram page, Ia also likes to share her fitness transformation journey with her many fans. Proud of how far she has come over the years, she often posts photos, like this one, to show to her followers that anything is possible with hard work and determination. She explained, “Back then, I didn’t know how good my body was designed to feel.” She also once wrote in regards to her new look, “All hours in the gym and at the kitchen table are paying off.”

Hard work

Of course, it hasn’t been easy becoming the toned bodybuilder that she is today. It has required years of hard work and determination in order to reach her fitness goals. She claims that in order to maintain her incredibly fit physique, she goes to the gym for a challenging workout every day. Besides exercise, she also makes sure to keep a healthy, high-protein diet that includes consuming at least 4 and a half pounds of meat each week.

Staying healthy

When talking about her eating habits, Ia clarified that she is in not on a weight-loss diet by any means, and is actually trying to gain pounds (in muscle) not shed them. She explained, “In order to gain weight you need to eat a lot, that’s what I do.” She added, “I make sure to eat a minimum of two grams of protein per kilogram bodyweight each day, besides that I eat what I want.”

Impressive workout

Ia often shares segments of her impressive workout routines with her online fans. In the videos, she is typically seen lifting heavy weights, using the gym’s machines, or working on her cardio. In one Instagram post of her doing hammer curls she wrote, “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. Not only is this me doing hammer curls, but also me way out of my comfort zone – in a gym at the place where I grew up and was bullied my entire childhood for being “too skinny.”

Gym buddy

Despite the young mother’s busy and often hectic schedule, she continues to stick to her strict workout regimen. Luckily for her, she is not alone on her journey as her husband also doubles as her exercise buddy. The fit couple frequently posts photos of them side by side in the gym, where they get to inspire each other while working towards their fitness goals. The model told her followers, “Find someone who shares your passion and do it together.”

Proud wife

Ia doesn’t only use social media to share her own fitness achievements, the proud wife also enjoys gushing about her husband who she calls her “man crush” and shares his several great accomplishments as a professional bodybuilder. Torbjörn may not be as big of an Internet celebrity as Ia, but he has certainly been making a name for himself in the world of fitness, and has won the title of Swedish National Champion in bodybuilding.


Not only has the stunning mother-of-two proven herself as a fitness guru, a social media queen, and an incredible model – she is also admired by her thousands of followers for her spot-on fashion sense and seen as a true trendsetter. From black thigh-high boots and flattering mini-skirts, to bold-colored leggings and and designer cropped hoodies – whether she is dressed for the gym or a night out, she often leaves her fans mesmerized by her ability to pull off pretty much any look she takes on.


The 34-year-old has been using her newfound fame to motivate others to follow their dreams. She is often sharing her feel-good mottos on Instagram, frequently talking to her fans about working hard to achieve goals and results. She has also become an inspiration to others who have at one point felt down about their body, and encourages them to be confident and feel beautiful in their own skin. She once wrote, “You can’t change your genes, but you can make the most of what you were born with.”

A warning

While Ia is certainly grateful for the positive attention that she has been receiving lately all over the Internet, she has also seen the downside of going viral. She recently took to Instagram to warn her followers about the inaccurate information that has been written about her on the web. She wrote, “I’m happy that so many of you found your way here through all of the articles written about me lately.” She added, “Those articles contain a lot of incorrect info, don’t believe everything you read.”


One of Ia’s followers commented that she had read in an article that she had the longest legs in the world. The model was quick to reply, “I am far from having the longest legs in the world, but the media loves to make stuff up.” And of course, she is right. In fact, the Guinness World Record for the woman with the world’s longest legs currently belongs to Ekaterina Lisina from Russia, whose legs measure at an impressive 52 inches long!

Living life

The fitness model has certainly come a long way since her difficult teenage years. Today, Ia claims that her main motto in life is to live life to the fullest and to enjoy every minute of it. She told her followers on Instagram, “You have one life. How do you want to spend it? Apologizing for being yourself? Regretting? Hating? Be brave. Believe in yourself and put your best foot forward. You have this one life. Enjoy it.”