Staff members tell all about celebrities’ private behavior (21 photos)

Former staff members of Jennifer Aniston, Carrie Underwood, Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and 17 more celebs, tell what their famous bosses are really like behind closed doors. They open up about these celebrities’ most private moments, controversial behavior, and reveal secrets that were never known before. For example: Why Jennifer Aniston refuses to wear proper clothes at her house, even when she has company; and it’s not all she does! Stay tuned (21 photos) 

#1: Carrie Underwood can be cold-hearted

#1: Carrie Underwood can be cold-hearted

While she might look oh-so-sweet on the camera, popular singer Carrie Underwood has been said to be a bit cold-hearted behind the scenes. She apparently snubs other celebrities, and doesn’t even like interacting with her own fans very much. Carrie can also allegedly say some pretty scathing things backstage. She’s at least admitted herself she can be moody, but that just doesn’t make up for some of the harsh words Carrie has said to people.

Carrie Underwood can be cold-hearted

#2: Jessica Simpson’s breath might smell

We’re not too sure what these guys have been reading on the internet lately, but it does seem as if fewer celebrities are keeping their hygiene together. Apparently, Jessica Simpson chooses not to brush her teeth…Every day as part of a routine. Instead, she chooses to brush them three times a week and swaps out all the other times to wipe them with a rag or piece of cloth. It’s not quite what you’d expect from an A-lister.

Jessica Simpson’s breath might smell

#3: Charlize Theron keeps contact to a minimum

A lot of celebrities are said to be somewhat difficult in talking to the people that work for them – but at least they talk to them. A former housekeeper of Charlize Theron’s claimed that the actress would not let them speak with or even make eye contact with her. Instead, they were to leave notes around for Theron to read and respond to. We’re not experts, but we don’t think a job is made easier by not being able to talk to your employer.

Charlize Theron keeps contact to a minimum

#4: Julia Roberts isn’t so fresh

For years now, Julia Roberts has presented an image of neatness and perfection. We never see her with so much as a hair out of place, and she never looks less than neat as a pin. However, in her personal life the actress is not so squeaky clean. Apparently choosing to opt out of washing altogether. Housekeepers have claimed that Roberts is largely unconcerned with keeping clean, frequently skipping out on showers for days at a time. Ahh well – we’d still brave the fog for a selfie.

Julia Roberts isn’t so fresh

#5: Christina Aguilera apparently likes to spice things up

Christina’s housekeepers claimed that, back when the popular singer was married to Jordan Bratman, she would often don some interesting costumes in order to “spice things up” for the couple. It’s even reported that her cleaning staff was used to picking up nurse uniforms and maid costumes from the floor. Christina apparently also asks that a chilled bottle of Dom Pérignon will be ready at all times for when her Champagne mood beckons. Sounds pretty great to us.

Christina Aguilera apparently likes to spice things up

#6: Lady Gaga loves cuddling

It would appear that Lady Gaga does not like to be alone, specially not sleep alone. A former assistant of hers actually came out publicly and stated that Gaga would force her to work pretty much 24/7, and this included sleeping in the same bed as her. While we’re pretty sure spending 24/7 with someone like Lady Gaga wouldn’t be THAT horrible, getting into bed with your boss does sound a little bit strange, we have to admit.

Lady Gaga loves cuddling

#7: Kylie Jenner is…demanding

Given that, for most of her life at this point, Kylie Jenner has been a rich and pampered child, it’s not surprising that she expects people to do a lot of things for her. However, some of Jenner’s former staff have claimed that this goes to somewhat ridiculous extents, and that the reality TV star barely does anything for herself. Jenner herself has even stated that she has one of her housekeepers provide their arm for swatch tests – because holding up your own arm would be just too much effort.

Kylie Jenner is…demanding

#8: Kristen Stewart has this one bad habit

Many of us know Kristen Stewart thanks to her acting talent and of course – the famous franchise of Twilight. It seems that Kristen is a bit of a heavy smoker. Her staff says she constantly “puffs away like a chimney” and leaves the leftovers all around the house. One housekeeper said she even found some in her refrigerator! We hope the Twilight star adopts some healthier habits – both for her own sake, and for her cleaning staff.

Kristen Stewart has this one bad habit

#9: Megan Fox is strict

Some people may not be aware of this, but Megan Fox has three children together with husband and fellow actor Brian Austin Green, and she’s quite the family person. She also has her own set of rules regarding the education of her children, and one of them is that her kids must clean their own rooms – not the maid. She reportedly thinks it’s best if they learn how to do it themselves and not having everything done for them, and we think it’s great.

Megan Fox is strict

#10: Britney Spears keeps food everywhere

Britney has been photographed eating junk food outside on several occasions (and we’re not going to pretend we have anything against it). But apparently, she has a pretty weird relationship with food also at home. The pop singer’s housekeeper revealed that the star tends to keep leftovers everywhere, and we mean everywhere. The cleaners have often found cookies, fries and semi-eaten burgers lying around in her bedroom – some under the mattress and even between the sheets..

Britney Spears keeps food everywhere

#11: Kris Jenner is very demanding

It’s perhaps to be expected that a family which became famous for being demanding and petulant would be just like this in their personal life. Kris Jenner – matriarch of the Kardashian and Jenner clans – is no exception to this, being said to make demands of her staff that would tire someone out just from reading them. It’s said that Jenner has a very high turnover of employees, driven by the fact that she exhausts them by expecting huge amounts of work at all times.

Kris Jenner is very demanding

#12: Kesha’s strange dieting technique

This is the kind of thing that would probably disturb anyone. Doing it in a survival situation, or watching Bear Grylls do it, is one thing. However, Kesha has apparently drank her own bodily fluids so that she could “get into shape.” Safe to say, people found this pretty gross and had to correct the singer on her beliefs. Drinking her own urine wasn’t deemed a particularly necessary way of getting into shape, and thankfully she’s stopped doing it now.

Kesha’s strange dieting technique

#13: Reese Witherspoon is dreamy

Not all celebrities are difficult to clean up after; Reese Witherspoon is apparently everyone’s dream employer. She’s also basically Wonder Woman – even with three kids and a thriving acting career, she still finds the time to keep her house tidy. Cleaning up is pretty much a breeze since everything is in order. And that’s not all – she also reportedly hands out all of her spare clothes to her staff so they can enjoy it. Where do we sign up?

Reese Witherspoon is dreamy

#14: Beyonce admits that she’s messy

Not only do Queen Bey’s employees say she’s apparently very messy, but she’s actually admitted it herself. She’s said that her being messy is one of Jay Z’s least favorite qualities about her. We can only imagine how hectic her life can be when she’s constantly performing and touring. So we can definitely understand this tendency to leave things in a mess from now and then. We do it ourselves, and trust us – we’re no celebrities.

Beyonce admits that she’s messy

#15: Miley Cyrus has a whole petting zoo

Miley Cyrus isn’t exactly known for being conventional or typical, and we love her for it. Among many other things, the singer and actress is famous for being an animal lover, which is perhaps the reason she surrounded herself with pets. She’s got several dogs, cats, and even a pet pig she loves to snuggle with. All that is great, except animals need to be house trained, or it would result in quite the mess. Miley’s employees say it’s like she’s running a petting zoo, and the furry animals “go” about their business whenever they like and wherever they like around the house. We can imagine the cleanup isn’t exactly fun.

Miley Cyrus has a whole petting zoo

#16: Taylor Swift is a secret cat lady

Taylor Swift loves showing off her couple of Scottish folds, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson (named after the fictional TV characters). But apparently, her love for cats goes a little beyond just that. She reportedly has a collection of cat paintings, sweaters, mugs, pillows, and pretty much any cat merchandise one can think of. It’s no wonder that, at the 2015 Grammys, she said she would be going “home to her cats.” Well, we guess if anyone can make being a cat lady cool, it’s Taylor.

Taylor Swift is a secret cat lady

#17: Jessica Simpson sheds hair extensions everywhere

One of Jessica Simpson’s most famous features is obviously her hair extensions (what did you think we were going to say?), and it’s not just the ones she wears. She also sells her own line of extensions, for those who want those long locks just like the singer’s. But there’s a downside to it – at least for her housekeepers. It’s reported that she makes a habit of leaving her own extensions, plus the ones she sells, all around the house. So the staff is constantly forced to clean up human hair. Yikes!

Jessica Simpson sheds hair extensions everywhere

#18: Sandra Bullock keeps everything closed

Who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock? The answer to that might be literally no one. She’s one of the biggest Hollywood stars out there, but that kind of fame tends to come with a few hazards – such as paparazzi. One of Sandra’s employees shared that since she doesn’t want photographers taking pictures of her children, the actress apparently requests that curtains always stay drawn in her home. Having to live without daylight in the house doesn’t sound much fun, but some celebrities value their privacy much more.

Sandra Bullock keeps everything closed

#19: Angelina Jolie is less Beneficent, more Maleficent

Actress and director Angelina Jolie is known as a friendly and engaging figure – but understandably isn’t capable of maintaining this attitude constantly. Several of Jolie’s former housekeepers have claimed to have seen her throw a few considerable tantrums during their time with her. Be it about the behavior of her children, or disagreements with her former husband Brad Pitt. This is fairly understandable though – juggling a schedule like Jolie’s while also raising 6 children would make anyone a little stressed sometimes.

Angelina Jolie is less Beneficent, more Maleficent

#20: Paula Deen is Paula Dull

Celebrity chef Paula Deen is just that, a celebrity chef – so it might not come as a huge surprise to learn that she’s not the most rambunctious personality. Former employees of Deen’s have claimed that she is not particularly interested in doing anything new or exciting. Preferring instead to take chilling out as far as it’ll go, and remain largely inactive in her free time. One former employee even claimed to have gone on a cruise with Deen and found it to be the most boring time of their life.

Paula Deen is Paula Dull

#21: Ariana Grande wants to be carried around

Ariana Grande has gained herself a reputation of being quite the diva, and her own employees have confirmed she likes to be pampered like a princess. While the singer denies that she demands her staff to carry her around everywhere, there are photos of her being carried by her bodyguards, tour manager, friends, and boyfriends – on quite a few occasions. She even made fun of it on Carpool Karaoke, saying, “Hello, I’m Ariana Grande. I must be carried.”

Ariana Grande wants to be carried around

#22: Demi Moore needs flattering lighting

Demi Moore is 56 years old and still looks amazing as ever. In fact, most women would kill to look like her at any age. But she might still be self-conscious about her looks, because reportedly, that’s the reason why she likes to keep the lights dimmed around the house. We don’t think the talented actress has anything to worry about, but we can understand wanting to have flattering lighting around you, especially when you’re a celebrity.

Demi Moore needs flattering lighting

#23: Kanye is jealous

Kanye West seems like a complicated individual, and some people would even call him eccentric. The famous rapper married reality star Kim Kardashian in 2014, and the two have since started a family together. But it seems that he gets jealous pretty easily; in 2016, he reportedly saw a bodyguard talking to Kim, thought he was trying to flirt with her, and proceeded to fire him. It might be a little extreme, but when your wife looks like Kim Kardashian, we guess you don’t want anyone trying to steal her away.

Kanye is jealous

#24: Cindy Crawford is very generous

Cindy Crawford is one of the most iconic supermodels of our time, thanks to her gorgeous good looks – but it seems she’s just as beautiful on the inside, and quite generous with her employees as well. It’s reported that after the model shot a commercial and was handed a Chevy as a gift for doing it, she decided to pay it forward. She gave the Chevy away to one of her housekeepers. How incredible is that?

Cindy Crawford is very generous

#25: Chelsea Handler doesn’t clean up after her dog

Chelsea Handler is one more celebrity who’s known for pushing the limits and speaking her mind. Apparently, not only does she like to walk around the house without any clothes (according to her maids), but she also admits to being messy, and never cleaning up after her pet. In an interview she once said, “If [my rescue dog] Chunk peed in the house, I won’t be cleaning it up.” But when you’re a celebrity, you’ve got people doing all sorts of things for you – including cleaning up after your dogs.

Chelsea Handler doesn’t clean up after her dog

#26: Alicia Silverstone feeds her son like a bird

This one is a little bit gross, so bear with us. Parents are entitled to raise their kids however they see fit as long as their health and safety is not at risk. That aside, it is a wee bit strange for a mother to have her child eat food out of her mouth like a bird. Well, Alicia Silverstone thinks this is perfectly normal and that there’s nothing wrong with it. Some say it helps with immunity; others thing is is just plain disgusting and strange.

Alicia Silverstone feeds her son like a bird

#27: George Clooney check the bottles

We’re not sure if these rumors are actually true, because – let’s face it, George Clooney seems like the nicest guy. But some housekeepers who used to work for the famous actor have claimed he wasn’t much of a gentleman in real life. They alleged that he doesn’t have the best manners when it comes to talking to his employees, and that he checks his liquor cabinet constantly to see that the staff haven’t been drinking any of his beverages.

George Clooney check the bottles

#28: Johnny Depp likes to dress up

Johnny Depp is known for taking on eccentric and unconventional movie roles. In fact, he’s pretty much built his entire career around this strategy. And it seems that the actor is quite fond of the characters he’s played. Sources say that, from time to time, he likes putting on an old costume from a movie shoot. So it wouldn’t be unusual to see him walking around the house dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow or Edward Scissorhands. Is that really surprising, though? Not really.

Johnny Depp likes to dress up

#29: Naomi Campbell loves her candles

We all have things that we love keeping around the house, and so does supermodel Naomi Campbell – she loves candles. She loves candles so much, she reportedly demands at least 25 lily-scented candles to be placed in every hotel room she’s meant to stay in. Her personal assistants and housekeepers apparently have to be very careful around the house, too, so they don’t mess up her candle placement. Well, we guess candles do create a nice ambience.

Naomi Campbell loves her candles

#30: Jim Carrey might have mood swings

Jim Carrey is one of the funniest actors of his generation, with dozens of hit comedies under his belt. But the hilarious actor has actually gone through difficult times, facing mental illness as well as substance abuse. His staff also reportedly suffered as a consequence of his struggles, as they say he had unpredictable mood swings and kept employees constantly on their toes. Fortunately, he’s doing much better now, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Jim Carrey might have mood swings

#31: Ryan Gosling likes to freak his employees out

If there’s any Hollywood actor who seems like a total sweetheart, it’s Ryan Gosling. But apparently, the actor has seen The Exorcist one too many times. According to former members of his cleaning staff, Ryan likes to scare his employees by doing weird things – like descending the stairs of his mansion on all fours to spook them, horror movie style. We love a guy with a sense of humor, but come on Ryan, that’s just creepy!

Ryan Gosling likes to freak his employees out

#32: Jamie Dornan’s adorable hobby

Jamie Dornan might play Christian Grey on the Fifty Shades trilogy, but he might be pretty far off from his character in reality. In fact, it’s said that he has a pretty interesting hobby – one that Christian Grey would probably not take up himself. The actor is reportedly into needlepoint – quite obsessed with it, actually, and allegedly has walls in his home covered with needlepoint art. If you ask us, we think it’s pretty darn adorable.

Jamie Dornan’s adorable hobby

#33: Tom Cruise runs a pretty tight ship

When you’re a movie star such as Tom Cruise, you usually get what you want. In Tom’s case, it’s apparently having a house that runs as smoothly as a hotel. He reportedly likes to have fresh sheets placed on his bed each day, and have staff members available to answer his requests day or night. Staff members have also said that some parts of his home are restricted – so much so, that even ex-wife Katie Holmes wasn’t permitted to enter.

Tom Cruise runs a pretty tight ship

#34: Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet let the kids run wild

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa – one of the hottest couples in the industry – have two adorable kids they’re raising together. And according to staff members of their home, these kids are having a blast… perhaps a bit too much, in fact. Sources have said their house doesn’t have rules, so the Game of Thrones and Aquaman actor lets his kids run around as much as they want, and go to bed at pretty late hours.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet let the kids run wild

#35: Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott don’t care about TMI

The famous couple has five kids running around the house, and according to their housekeepers – it’s no wonder. They say Dean is quite energetic when it comes to their love lives. They also say that he often talks about said love life in too much detail in front of the staff. He reportedly doesn’t really care about oversharing when talking to his wife around the people in the house. Well, at least they’re having fun!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott don’t care about TMI

#36: Martha Stewart doesn’t do it herself

Martha is the home and kitchen guru that everyone loves to follow – including rappers like Snoop Dogg and many other celebrities. But it seems that the guru isn’t all too keen with the term “do it yourself”. She reportedly asks her employees to dye the soles of her Christian Louboutin shoes. She’s not a fan of the famous red soles, as reported by her staff, so she wants them to dye them black with a sharpie.

Martha Stewart doesn’t do it herself

#37: Madonna reportedly has strange demands

A former nanny of the world-renowned singer reportedly spilled the beans on what goes on inside Madonna’s house. She said the singer doesn’t keep a TV in the house and demands all employees be on a macrobiotic diet. Other sources working for the singer have said she asked them to bring her water as many as six times during one night, and paid them half of what other personal assistants make elsewhere. Doesn’t sound like a fun job to us.

Madonna reportedly has strange demands

#38: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon created an all-candy room for their children

Kids like candy. We get it. That being said, however, parents should usually observe the amount of sweets that their children are consuming. While sugary treats are delicious, they can lead to all kinds of health problems that we won’t get into now. Regardless, back in the day, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon decided to spoil their kiddos with a room filled to the brim with candy – basically every child’s dream. Talk about a sugar rush!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon created an all-candy room for their children

#39: Paris Hilton’s dogs have their own mansions

Paris Hilton loves her dogs and everyone knows this. But just how much does her adore her little creatures? Well aside from the fact that for a good portion of her life she literally took them everywhere with her, she also treats them quite well. In fact, the pups probably have nicer houses than most people do. She had little mini mansions built for her little mini dogs so that they would feel pampered all the time. She modeled them after her own house.

Paris Hilton’s dogs have their own mansions

#40: Nicolas Cage keeps strange pets

While it’s pretty common knowledge that Nicolas Cage is a bit eccentric, his pet habits are probably the most unusual thing about him. The actor decided he needed two cobra snakes and an octopus to complete his household. While these aren’t a typical pet, they are when you’re Nic Cage. Don’t worry, though, he bought an antidote just in case one of the snakes bit him. Eventually he gave up his pets to the zoo.

Nicolas Cage keeps strange pets

#41: Brad Pitt might pong

While we might be used to seeing him look all polished and presentable, apparently, that’s not always the way Brad Pitt likes to be. It was revealed that Brad Pitt may not take a bath for weeks because he “doesn’t have time.” Supposedly, he started to smell so bad that his co-star on the set of Inglourious Basterds, Eli Roth, had to give him tips on how to keep the odor at bay. His advice was using baby wipes to clean since Pitt apparently wasn’t washing.

Brad Pitt might pong

#42: Bruce Springsteen’s hiring habits

When you’re rich and famous, it’s often been said that the lifestyle can be seductive for more than one reason. Apparently, Bruce Springsteen feels he’s pretty good where women are concerned. He has chosen to hire…A demographic of young women as his employees. One of his housekeepers opened up about how he behaves, explaining that he allegedly flirts with his staff members every day. It could either be taken as super friendly or maybe a little bit strange.

Bruce Springsteen’s hiring habits

#43: Shahid Kapoor’s dependence

We all have things we crave, whether it’s a candy bar, a hot drink, or a sneaky snack. Either way, at some point in our lives, we usually like to indulge. It seems that Shahid Kapoor doesn’t take his coffee as a treat…But is slightly indulgent about his beverages. It’s been said that he could have up to ten cups of coffee a day. While most of us love a hot drink every now and then or need some caffeine, that’s a little off the charts.

Shahid Kapoor’s dependence

#44: Megan Fox has unfinished business

It seems like we might be hearing from some people more than once – how many bad habits can one person have again? Well, it appears that Meghan Fox has a problem when it comes to going to the bathroom. We can all be forgetful at times, but there are some things we tend to do automatically after a while. Meghan Fox never got into this routine when it comes to flushing the toilet once she’s done in the bathroom, and it even became an issue in her household.

Megan Fox has unfinished business

#45: Kenny Chesney likes to treat his staff

Chesney keeps his staff pretty happy every year. He might have earned a bucket load of money, but he likes to pay tribute to the people who helped get him that. He writes checks for his road crew for around $14K, runs merchandise lotteries, and even takes them on vacation. Apparently, it’s some kind of a yearly tradition for Chesney to take his crew and their families on an all-expenses-paid vacation to the Virgin Islands. Sounds pretty awesome to us, does he even have any flaws?

Kenny Chesney likes to treat his staff

#46: Harry Styles just falls asleep

Of all the weird habits to have, Harry Styles apparently has a problem when it comes to falling asleep anywhere and everywhere. It’s not a problem for him; in fact, it seems he might regard it as a kind of skill. However, if he’s on set somewhere and they go to take five, you could turn around, and he could be asleep almost instantly. It’s been a very strange thing for people to get used to. After all, it is Harry Styles.

Harry Styles just falls asleep

#47: Robert Pattinson’s hairy secret

So, a little while ago, it seemed like the entire world had an obsession with Robert Pattinson’s hair. However, it appears that he was hiding a hairy secret this whole time. How does he grow those luscious locks, you ask? He doesn’t wash his hair. As in, he supposedly admitted that he hadn’t washed his hair for six weeks once, because he doesn’t feel as if it needs it. So, he doesn’t wash his hair because he just doesn’t care. Who knew?

Robert Pattinson’s hairy secret

#48: Zendaya doesn’t like leaving the house

Zendaya has been taking the world by storm, whether we’re talking about the film industry, the fashion industry or any other industry. Although, believe it or not, Zendaya doesn’t actually like leaving the house very often and has even been called a “granny.” It’s not the kind of description you would expect about someone like Zendaya, but this outgoing actress, model, and superstar prefers to keep things close to home. If someone’s in the area, instead of going out, she’ll make a point of inviting them in.

Zendaya doesn’t like leaving the house

#49: Kate Gosselin gets stressed

Kate Gosselin is known for her own TV shows that show her life with her twins and sextuplets. It’s no secret that this matriarch sure is a fierce one, which has resulted in a long history of being unable to hold onto employees. With eight children to look after, it might be no wonder she suffers from mood swings and stress. From having to clean up their mess to cook their dinners. Sadly, no employee has stuck around for long because of it.

Kate Gosselin gets stressed

#50: Angelina Jolie’s surprising behavior

Angeline Jolie has been in and out of the spotlight for years. However, more recently, it was for her surprising split with her long-term husband, Brad Pitt. Between them, they have both adopted and had a total of six children together. While she has a reputation for being a great mom, some staff members allegedly noticed she had would sometimes laugh when her children cried or threw a tantrum. Not quite the reaction you would expect from a doting mother.

Angelina Jolie’s surprising behavior

#51: Mike Myers is very demanding

While Myers is known for some of his hilarious roles, he’s also apparently got a few things bugging him. Sources have suggested that Myers can become extremely bossy, and even be a bit of a control freak – the Cat in the Hat wouldn’t be very pleased. At one point, Mike Myers had to have an assistant hired exclusively to keep up with his demands and requirements. They even went as far as saying that he terrorized some of his fellow cast members. Ouch.

Mike Myers is very demanding

#52: Gwyneth Paltrow is fussy and a gossip

We all have our good days and our bad days, but it seems Gwyneth Paltrow has made her mark with a few awkward requests. Apparently, whenever she goes to the gym, she needs to make sure that someone else dries the showers so that their used water doesn’t touch her. Not to mention that she is a little challenging to work with. Behind-the-scenes, Paltrow has been known to say one thing to her female coworkers face, and something entirely different behind their back. Not very sweet.

Gwyneth Paltrow is fussy and a gossip

#53: Kanye West doesn’t like authority

This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to most people, but Kanye West has a few backstage quirks that have made him hard to handle. If he doesn’t want to leave somewhere, even if it’s super weird and awkward for other, he just refuses. One time, on the set of Anchorman 2, Kanye played super loud rap music. It was so bad that it supposedly disrupted that filming of the movie. Someone has even claimed that Kanye is completely unhinged with much of what he says.

Kanye West doesn’t like authority

#54: Madonna is picky about what she’s asked

There’s no such thing as a casual meeting with Madonna, but it’s much harder once you realize she won’t respond unless you ask her specific questions. If you do want to talk to Madonna, you have to ask her about her achievements or her work ethic. Not to mention that, over the years, she has made her name as a free spirit. This means not doing some things she has agreed to or making political statements when she’s been asked to refrain. Interviewing Madonna means plenty of research beforehand.

Madonna is picky about what she’s asked

#55: Nicholas Cage’s strange eating decisions

Many people have personal eating decisions, whether that’s to become vegetarian or vegan, or anything at all. Usually, it comes with some kind of moral decision, too. Some decide to change to become more economical or perhaps even for animal rights. However, Nicholas Cage chooses what he eats based on how they reproduce. Not the biological function but the way they actually do it. He’s claimed that “fish are very dignified…so are birds.” That might not be the easiest way to make your eating decisions.

Nicholas Cage’s strange eating decisions

#56: Mariah Carey needs a drink

As has become more and more apparent with this list – we all have habits we don’t want other people to know about. However, Mariah Carey allegedly had a problem with drinking, and always had to have a drink in her hand. Before she was a mom, she would supposedly sometimes wake up and need her housekeepers to dress her because of how bad she was. It was seemingly something that would happen all the time, but after she became a mother, it also seemed to stop.

Mariah Carey needs a drink

#57: Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t hold anything back

It turns out that this superstar is actually incredibly honest. However, he is apparently honest to a fault and won’t hold anything back. Of course, being dishonest is one thing, but offering up your undiluted opinion all the time can get a little awkward. Thankfully, for the most part, Robert Downey Jr.’s generally considered a really nice and generous guy. He’s even fed the entire Avengers’ cast and crew on more than one occasion, according to a few sources.

Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t hold anything back

#58: Christian Bale reprises his old roles

One of the roles that actor Christian Bale is most well-known for is that of malevolent banker Patrick Bateman, seen in the film “American Psycho.” Bateman tends to leave an impression on people, but apparently none more so than Bale himself. He is said to enjoy slipping back into character from time to time. Bale has been reported to answer the phone as Patrick or slip into talking like him – although thankfully without engaging in the villainous behavior that made Bateman such a striking baddie.

Christian Bale reprises his old roles

#59: Ryan Reynolds loves cracking jokes

Ryan Reynolds has gained a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most affable and funny gentlemen – winning hearts and minds with his charm and quick wit. Luckily, we need not worry that this is only a front, as Reynolds’ former employees have made it clear that he’s as nice off-camera as he is in front of one. The actor is said to constantly be cracking wise, often employing his trademark brand of self-deprecating humor too – perhaps to reassure people that he’s still a normal guy.

Ryan Reynolds loves cracking jokes

#60: Keanu Reeves is a good guy

If you’ve heard anything about Keanu Reeves in his personal life, it’s probably that he’s a lovely man. However, can Reeves, truly be as nice as everyone says he is? Apparently the answer is yes, he’s really that nice. People who have worked with or for Reeves have claimed that he is as friendly and kind as everyone says – once having even taken the crew of a film he was working on out to lunch, and paid for what everyone ordered.

Keanu Reeves is a good guy

#61: Jessica Simpson doesn’t pay

Being famous can get you a lot of things. It’s common for celebrities to get free products, services, or meals as a result of their status – but it isn’t generally a good look to assume that this will happen wherever you go. Nobody gave this memo to Jessica Simpson apparently, who is said to expect free things wherever she goes, just because of her fame. The singer and actress is also said to pull off bold dine and dashes, declining to pay and simply walking out after finishing a meal.

Jessica Simpson doesn’t pay

#62: Madonna wants things clean

Singer and actress Madonna has, by now, become well-known for allegedly being a very demanding person. However, among all of Madonna’s demands the one that she absolutely must have met is that her toilet seat be disinfected by staff before she uses it. While touring, the singer even goes so far as to demand that a new toilet seat be installed in every venue she performs at. Hey, if we were rich and famous we’d probably see what we could get away with demanding too.

Madonna wants things clean

#63: Nicole Richie loves to shop

Nicole Richie became famous as a spoiled rich girl on reality TV show The Simple Life – and while she is undoubtedly not so oblivious as she was on the show, it seems that her rich-girl lifestyle has remained. A former bodyguard of Richie’s claimed that she loves to shop and is constantly doing so – even managing to spend thousands of dollars a week on shoes and clothes! To be fair, if we were Lionel Richie’s daughter we’d go on a few spending sprees ourselves.

Nicole Richie loves to shop

#64: Selena Gomez leaves a mess

Singer Selena Gomez started out as a child star on the Disney channel, and apparently she’s skipped the phase of having to clean up her own room as a teenager. Her former housekeeper and personal assistant have both said that the star doesn’t pick up after herself at all. In fact, they’ve shared that it takes her as little as 24 hours to totally trash a hotel suite. That’s the time it would take an entire ’80s rock band to do it.

Selena Gomez leaves a mess

#65: Jennifer Aniston leaves little to the imagination

They say if you got it, flaunt it, and apparently that’s what Jennifer Aniston does when she is in the privacy of her own home. A maid has revealed that Aniston would often walk around the house either in her under garments or completely in the nude and she seemed perfectly comfortable doing so. Well, we must say that when you’re as stunning as Jennifer Aniston, then you have every right to be proud of your beauty. Who needs clothes, anyway?

Jennifer Aniston leaves little to the imagination

#66: Kim Kardashian is way too messy

It’s a well-known fact that the Kardashians have closets full of clothes, bags, shoes, and other fashionable items. Their closets are pretty much the stuff of dreams for any fashion lover. But it’s hard keeping it all nice and tidy – especially for the maids. One employee alleged that Kim leaves clothes everywhere, and “refuses to hang up anything herself.” She added that it doesn’t matter how often it’s cleaned, the reality star leaves a mess every time she enters.

Kim Kardashian is way too messy

#67: Jennifer Lopez apparently doesn’t pay well

She’s gained quite a reputation for being a difficult to work with, and the word ‘diva’ has certainly been thrown around. But one thing we didn’t know about Jennifer Lopez was that, according to insiders in the housekeeping business, she might be a bit of a cheapskate. While J-Lo has probably improved her financial status since she was “Jenny from the block,” sources say she pays half of what other celebrities in her area pay. This fact apparently earned her the nickname “Pay-Low” among housekeepers.

Jennifer Lopez apparently doesn’t pay well