Mckayla Maroney’s most unforgettable (and now deleted) posts

McKayla Maroney is known for being a world-renowned Olympic gymnast. But she’s also turned into a huge social media star. Though many of her most risque pics have been deleted, we managed to snag some of her most outrageous Instagram posts and we can now share them with you. For all that she knows about athletics, McKayla would do well to remember one simple rule about computers – nothing is ever truly gone from the internet. And as for you, gentle reader? Well, you can thank us later…

Party hard

After spending the majority of her career in the gym, training for hours on end, working on her artistic routines, traveling the world and tirelessly aiming towards a gold medal, we bet it was a relief for McKayla to finally feel the metal against her chest after the 2012 Olympics.

After she announced her retirement from competitive gymnastics in 2016, McKayla has made it her mission to have as much fun as possible with her newfound fame and fortune – and it seems as if she’s doing just that. After posting this epic selfie on Instagram, fans were begging for an invite to this poochy fancy dress party.

Miss worldwide

After her impressive gymnastics career and that fact that she became a national treasure after her 2012 Olympic debut, McKayla Maroney has since racked up a pretty hefty net worth. In fact, it’s reported that she is worth a whopping $4 million!

At just 22 years old, that is not too bad at all. Because of this, McKayla is not shy with her money and will treat herself every so often. One of the ways she does this is by booking an epic vacation and living it large on the beach. It’s fair to say that fans went a little wild when they saw McKayla partying the night away with the palm trees in the background.


Throughout her epic Instagram run, McKayla Maroney showed us two sides to her awesome personality. On the one hand, she showcased her stylish side with her expensive clothing and perfect makeup for events and everyday life – but every once in a while she would showcase a completely different side to her.

The #NoFilter side. Like most of us, McKayla can’t be dealing with tight jeans or constricting clothing while chilling out at home. Instead, she likes to opt for a simple short-and-shirt combo, complete with a messy bun and no makeup. Although it’s safe to say that we don’t look like her when we rock that look.

Summertime blues

Unfortunately, McKayla has not released an explanation for why she deleted her Instagram page for the second time. When she originally deleted her account, McKayla noted that she wanted a break from social media after being involved in a near-serious car crash with her friends.

Yet, she later returned to Twitter and has since continued to update her fans on her life and what she gets up to on a daily basis. In March 2018, McKayla posted this windy selfie while chillin’ out, relaxin’ and maxin’ all cool on her balcony. Well, the windy look certainly suits her.

Fitting room selfie

Did you really go shopping if you didn’t take a selfie of your fresh new clothes in the fitting rooms? We think not. McKayla obviously got this memo when she attended her local clothes store and posted this photo on her Instagram page.

It seems she wanted to let her followers know that she hadn’t forgotten her roots and that she hasn’t hung up her leotards completely since leaving the world of competitive gymnastics. Yes, she wanted to tell the world that she still knew how to rock a leotard – so of course, she just had to take a photograph. Because why not?

The mirror selfie

Although she may be a gold-medal winning athlete and has made a name for herself as one of the most popular women in America, McKayla Maroney is still a youngster at heart.

At 22 years old, it should come as no surprise to know that McKayla can rock a mirror selfie – and that is a talent in itself. Yes, this lovely lady knows just how to work her angles and the lighting in the background, and we can only assume she has taken a Selfie 101 course because only the best selfies take place in the bathroom. Kudos to you, McKayla. You get an A+ for this one.

In my room

When you’re a world class gymnast like McKayla Maroney, shaping your physique in all kinds of interesting ways is practically your specialty. And when it comes to full body poses on Instagram, that is when these type of talents are most especially appreciated.

But as we already know, it’s more than just that – this picture would be nothing without the stern, penetrating gaze that she has on the camera, coupled with a keen Mona Lisa smile.

Smoothie Sunday

Despite the fact that she is no longer performing within the competitive gymnastics circuit, it seems as though McKayla Maroney has got into such a habit of eating green and living a healthy lifestyle that even her newfound freedom can’t kick her out of her habits.

Even when she’s simply roaming around town with her friends and checking out the latest fashion, she just can’t stop herself from having her daily smoothie. Of course, living a green lifestyle is never a bad thing. In fact, if this is the secret behind McKayla’s physique, then we’ll have whatever she is having…

Pose for the camera

McKayla Maroney may have left the world of gymnastics behind her, but that doesn’t mean she has left the world of fame behind her. Amazingly, McKayla has continued to impress her fans with her ability to pose for the camera.

Yet, it seems as though having her life strewn across magazine covers and across social media is second nature to her. After winning her gold and silver medal at the London 2012 Olympics, McKayla and the rest of her Fierce Five team adorned Sports Illustrated in an epic cover shoot. That must be why she looks so comfortable in front of her home in this outrageous Instagram post!

Feeling retro

Considering she is now one of the most famous women in America, it should come as no surprise to hear that there are thousands of people standing in line to work with McKayla Maroney – from major brands to music producers, and fashion stylists.

Because of this, she has the fame and fortune to hire professionals who can deck her out in the coolest and quirkiest outfits. After all, Maroney likes to make an entrance! In this retro Instagram post, McKayla showcased her vintage style with her bell-bottom jeans. Although she didn’t finish the look off with boots with the fur, her platform flip flops are definitely doing the trick.


Being a professional gymnast has allowed McKayla Maroney to develop all sorts of talents that most people don’t have, such as the ability to contort her body in flexible ways.

In this picture, she’s only sitting in a basic Indian style, something that most people are able to do, but she’s doing it with such ease that we have no doubt she could turn things up if she so pleased. That said, with the outfit she has on, she doesn’t really have to do much to get people’s attention.

Born in the U.S.A.

Dang, doesn’t this picture make you proud to be an American? McKayla can be seen here sporting a short skin tight top with an American flag on it, as well as the letters, U, S, and A.

Being that she is a world class Olympian, we like to see that she’s showing her patriotism in more ways than one. Taking names in the Olympics is one thing, but turning heads by wearing provocative outfits are another, and we aren’t complaining, girl.

Keeping it natural

How nice is this picture? These days, girls are taking all kinds of selfies – some with makeup, some with outrageous costumes, and some with incredible landscapes in the background.

But sometimes, it’s nice when someone keeps it simple, and that’s what McKayla is doing here. She looks like she’s not wearing any makeup, and to her credit, she still looks gorgeous. She’s wearing a simple black top, and looking at the camera like she knows what you’re thinking.

Steaming mug

Our reference to the “steaming mug” goes two fold: One of them is obvious – McKayla is gently caressing a steaming mug of either coffee, tea, or possibly even hot chocolate, and she’s certainly making it look good.

But we also mean that her “mug,” as in “mugshot,” is absolutely steaming – she is just smoking the living daylights out of anyone that comes into contact with this picture, from the skintight minidress, to her long brown hair, to her piercing eyes.

Beautiful daydream

We think it goes without saying that some pictures are just beyond words. As you can see on right, McKayla is smiling at the camera, because she simply does it so well. And on the left…

Well, she has her eyes closed, and it appears as if she’s almost drifting into an enchanted, peaceful daydream, without a care in the world. Funny, because that’s exactly how the picture makes us feel – like there is nothing in the world to worry about.


Seeing this picture makes us sure that McKayla probably has no trouble meeting guys. The dating world can be a rough place for many people, but there are probably millions of guys lining up for the chance to possibly date this young lady.

Is there anything this woman can’t do? Sure, everyone has their flaws – but when we see the breathtaking McKayla Maroney wearing the stunning, yet slightly revealing outfit here – we can’t deny that she’s pretty close to perfect.

Coachella fun

That’s right, McKayla Maroney likes going to her music festivals just like the rest of us, and needless to say, we hope we bump into her at the next event. Coachella is a music festival sporting the likes of countless bands, multiple stages, and thousands of dancing fans.

It’s a place where people can go to dress up, and as you see here, McKayla did just that, wearing a revealing black top and jean tucked into a tight pair of mini jean shorts.

Blow you a kiss

Since we’re on the topic of fun outfits that McKayla has worn to various music festivals, we figured we’d show you this one too. Here she is wearing another pair skin tight mini jean shorts to great effect, flanked with a stylishly designed white shirt that stops at her belly button.

But our favorite thing about this picture is her cute pose – the classic “blow a kiss to the camera” is always nice to see, and that’s especially true with this young lady.

Hello red

Whether you’re an average Joe working nine to five, or a professional gymnast like McKayla, traveling on the road is something that brings us all together.

As you can see here, she is in the backseat of a car, perhaps on the way to a practice, or an event, or even the airport – but make no mistake, she is on the road – and considering the way she looks in this nice red top, she figured it would be a nice opportunity to take a photo.

Curly hair don’t care

Throughout her professional gymnastics career, the world fell in love with McKayla Maroney for her quirky personality, her intelligence and her talent within the gym. However, we didn’t get a chance to really see what she looked like.

After all, she donned the floor with her hair in tight ponytails, minimal makeup, and leotards. After retiring from the sport and becoming a social media superstar, McKayla was finally able to showcase her style to the world – and it’s fair to say that we fell in love with Maroney even more. Fans especially loved to see her curly hair frame her face to show off her brunette locks.

All white

Here is an Instagram photo that appeals the eye of the viewer for a number of reasons. First of all, let’s just appreciate how nicely she matches, wearing the color white from from head to toe.

Next, let’s appreciate the fact that what she’s wearing kind of clashes with each other, and she still manages to pull it off. It looks as if she’s in a clothing store, and modeling a certain outfit while there. Well, McKayla, we definitely say yes to the dress.

Outta my way

Here is a picture that certainly shows us a side of McKayla we aren’t used to seeing. When it comes to this Olympic gymnast, we’re used to clean, pristine pictures, subtle yet stunning beyond belief.

Well, she is definitely stunning here as well, but for a different reason. There is one thing this picture says, and it is attitude. Her hair is all messed up, but in a good way. Add to that the playfully aggressive expression she has on her face, and it’s game over.

Hair down

In May 2017, McKayla Maroney bared it all when she posted a brand new video to her Instagram page – and it definitely left a lasting impression on her fans, and the internet as a whole!

This racy video featured McKayla dancing around in a short red crop top, with little else on the bottom half of her body. The revealing video shocked and surprised her fans, with many questioning whether the former Olympic gymnast’s social media account was hacked. However, McKayla quickly shut down these rumors, and told her followers to “unfollow if u need to.” Keep doing you, McKayla!

Green with envy

Although much of America and the rest of the world are totally besotted with McKayla Maroney, there are some people who have raised a few questions about some of her outrageous Instagram posts in the past.

Since winning her medals and breaking the internet with her “not impressed” face, fans have seen a slight change in McKayla’s lips. Indeed, since pulling her lips to one side on the Olympic podium, it seems as though they have plumped up slightly. Many fans have accused her of abusing lip fillers, but McKayla has consistently denied this fact. Perhaps they’re just green with envy, and maybe she’s just really good at applying her lip gloss…

A walk in the park

Nowadays, McKayla Maroney is taking advantage of living a life away from the gym and away from her gymnastics commitments. She’s free! Through her social media channels, we have been able to keep up with what she’s doing and how she’s spending this newfound freedom.

While many would expect to see her jetting off to exotic locations and hanging with some of the coolest kids in Hollywood, it seems as though McKayla is keeping it casual and just going for a walk in the park every so often. Of course, it wouldn’t be a famous walk in the park without a full face of makeup and a fancy dress.

Lady in red

For much of McKayla’s early life and teenage years, she spent her days in gym wear and leotards that made it easier to move during competitions, and the seemingly never-ending training sessions.

Now that she is no longer constricted by this career, McKayla has since turned into a lady in red. Across her Instagram posts, McKayla was able to show off the style and fashion that she was experimenting with. From swimwear to gym wear and more, McKayla absolutely rocked her looks – especially when she donned this Hurley shirt and a diamante choker, complete with a ruby red lipstick that showcases her pearly whites.

Ready for business

You might be wondering what McKayla Maroney is up to now that she’s no longer competing as a professional gymnast. Well, she’s now a musician!

Yes, McKayla is currently working on breaking into the music industry as a singer, and had planned to release her first single, “Ghost” in 2016 – although it is still yet to be released. Despite this, McKayla has posted numerous photographs on Twitter that show her working in the studio at all hours of the night and working on promotional photos and videos for her music career. When she’s not music-video-ready, McKayla is donning smart and professional dresses for business meetings.

All about change

When McKayla Maroney’s Instagram page was in full swing, she would often receive comments about the fact that she had changed from the shy and retired gymnast they saw on the podium.

However, McKayla wasn’t going to let her trolls get away with it – so she posted this beautiful selfie with a quirky backdrop and wrote a hefty caption to those who were complaining about her new image. In this post, McKayla noted that she understood why people were upset about her changing, but that “I will never stop changing.” In her eyes, change is not about losing your identity, but growing as a person, and that’s what she is using this time to do.

Perfect in plaits

Although McKayla deleted her Instagram account without any warning and broke the hearts of thousands of fans, the former gymnast has continued to post photographs and videos on her Twitter page to update us all on her life.

In recent months, McKayla has shown us all that she can also be perfect in plaits as she pursues her music career. Shortly after posting this photo of her epic makeup and quirky plaits, McKayla posted a video that showed her dancing on the set of a music video – complete with a pretty impressive twerk that made fans go wild!

Short but sweet

During her Instagram reign, McKayla wowed her followers with countless hairdos that sent them all into a flurry. However, no photo was quite as popular as this photograph which showcased a hairstyle that was different to anything she had ever had before.

Yes, it was short and sweet! Although she still rocked her curly locks, the short style showed off her plump lips and her chiseled cheekbones, and fans just couldn’t get enough of the new look. She also posted this photo on Twitter, and with 2,500 likes and nearly 150 retweets, we can only assume that the consensus was that they loved the new ‘do.

A famous face

When McKayla Maroney posted this outrageous photo on her social media channels, she proved to her followers that she really was a famous face and living the life of the rich and famous.

Of course, we all know this is true anyway – but did you know that McKayla has also made an acting debut? After making her name known at the London 2012 Olympics, Maroney took on her first acting role in the popular comedy-drama show, Hart of Dixie. A year later, she also played a gymnast on the Fox crime show, Bones. Is there anything this famous face can’t do?

Style icon

As well as showcasing her brand new hairstyles and her perfect makeup routines on Instagram, McKayla Maroney has also used her social media channels to become a style icon – because apparently being a talented gymnast, musician and social media star just isn’t enough for her!

During her Instagram run, McKayla posted numerous photos just like this one that showed off her epic outfits and the clothes that she had in her closet. She also showed the world that she could wear something as simple as a skirt and a shirt with sneakers and pull it off as if she were walking the runway.

Moving on

Although McKayla Maroney has recently been in the news for struggles she experienced as a professional gymnast, she is using the pain to push her towards her goals.

While she can no longer update her Instagram channel, she is still using her Twitter page to post pictures like this one that shows that she is smiling – or pouting – through the pain and not allowing it to affect her life. Nowadays, her Twitter feed is full of inspirational quotes that show she is on the path to success. This makes it seem as though we’ve just seen the start of McKayla Maroney’s career. Watch out, world.

Don’t even pretend

This picture right here has been navigating the world wide web in a certain fashion where it’s been keeping a low profile, but everyone it touches is never the same again after they see it.

After all, can you ever be the same again now that you’ve gazed your helpless eyes upon it? This young lady has mastered the art of the careless, yet perfectly constructed Instagram pose, averting her green eyes off the side in a way that lets us know, “I know you’re looking at me.”

Baseball cap

Here we have a nice casual picture, where she is just hanging out in a car, and wearing a baseball cap – most appropriately with the Olympics logo on it, which makes sense.

This type of pictures are just as effective as the more common “boudoir selfies,” because they give us a little insight into her personality. The fact that McKayla likes to wear baseball caps suggests that she doesn’t mind messing up her hair every now and then – not that it would matter.

Cutesy poses

McKayla seems to be well aware of the effect that she has on people, and she has no problem showing it in her Instagram photos.

Just take a look at this picture – her eyes are aimed directly at the camera, and her left index finger is grazing her bottom lip ever so gently, as if she’s trying to come up with a solution to a problem. Well, there certainly is a problem, but it isn’t hers – it’s ours. And unfortunately, she’s the only one who can solve it.

How ’bout them Lakers

On behalf of the entire Los Angeles Lakers organization, we’d like to thank McKayla Maroney. This is because we’d be surprised if anyone saw this picture and didn’t immediately become a Laker fan right afterward.

The fact is, even the strongest Celtics fan wouldn’t be able to resist McKayla if she invited them out on a date to a Laker game. With the Laker shirt she has on here, and the way she looks – basketball just got a whole lot more interesting.

Shocking pink

Maroney has shown us that she is no stranger to using feminine products, such as makeup and lip gloss, but in this picture she gets a little bit radical in the lipstick department.

Normally going for something more subtle, or at the most a dark red lipstick, here she painted her lips in a vibrant pink, giving viewers at home something else to look at if they ever manage to break away from those transfixing eyes.

Color me mine

As you can see, our favorite girl McKayla doesn’t always need to stick with her standard hair color of dark brown. In this picture, she gives us access to a different look, with her auburn locks streaked with blond highlights.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that she had her hair curled very nicely to go with it. Add to that her classic “Derek Zoolander-esque” expression that she gives the camera, and we have another winner.

Those eyes though

Seriously though, how amazing are McKayla Maroney’s eyes? Like, we get it… We know what’s about to happen right before it does, and yet we can’t avoid it.

With long black eyelashes properly framing them like Christmas has come early, the dark greenish hue has us hypnotized, and we can’t look away. But it’s more than that – it’s also the fact that she’s well aware of it too, and her steady pose here suggests she won’t be releasing any prisoners.