Behind blue eyes: the Instagram twins who went viral

On June 6th, 2011, the world was gifted twice over, with adorable twins Megan and Morgan Boyd. The moment they opened their eyes, their mother saw something special. And while this is a normal reaction for any parent to feel toward their newborn child, in this case, the world at large would soon take notice and make the girls stars – all before they could fully comprehend what was going on.

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the twins are now six-year-old child models. Their journey from rambunctious little girls to pint-sized models and Internet sensations is a curious one, comprised of a genetic role of the dice, a desire for fame, and the conflicting wishes of their parents – specifically over the way their budding careers are progressing, and more generally, over the price of fame and the life their girls should be leading. As is usually the case, there is no clear right or wrong, but a complex reality that may have you questioning what you would have done in their place.

Anyone who’s known both girls, can apparently attest to their love of posing and pretend modeling. Yet despite their inclination and significant popularity, their shot to fame has also raised questions regarding their well being, even from members of their own family.

Having an external feature set you apart from the crowd can be both a blessing and a burden. For a child, it can complicate what would otherwise be a simpler time, during which they would ideally develop their social skills while learning about their own personalities, talents and interests. With everyone’s attention drawn to your appearance, though, these developmental routes can get influence and even comprised. Which isn’t to say that being different is necessarily negative, only that it should be seen as part of a larger package, which would allow the child to explore himself and the world around him as more than any singular idiosyncrasy.

Looking at the girls’ pictures, it’s hard not to see the appeal: their extreme cuteness, combined with a rare physical trait, have brought them fans from around the world, and opened the door for them to try out anything they want to experience – all while focusing on their appearance. It’s a shot at success, but one that not every little girl can handle, and it therefore anything but simple to figure out what to do next. Read on to see what Megan and Morgan’s parents have come to decide, and how the twins are living their lives at present.

Megan and Morgan

We would like to introduce you to two young girls, by the names of Megan and Morgan. They are twins from Philadelphia, they are six years old, and they are by no means your typical girls. Well sure, they have dreams of being princesses one day, and they like touching electronics when they’re not supposed to, but there is something that sets these two young girls apart. They are aspiring models, and they have recently become Instagram sensations.

Masters of the pose

Yes, it’s true. While most of us were still coming to grips with how to read when we were six years old, these two young ladies have already taken it upon themselves to become masters of the pose, constructors of the perfect shot, and icons of the toddler fashion industry. But how did Megan and Morgan decide this is what they want? As cute as they are, aren’t they just a little too young to be making these decisions?

Selfie taking generation

It’s hard to argue with how young they are, but even if six isn’t old enough to decide you life’s path, you have to admit, these little ladies have a certain knack for it. Just take a look at the way they are posing here -they’re clearly the product of a generation of selfie-takers. In an age of instant fame, instant pictures and Instagram, these two seem to have internalized the ins and outs of how to take a strikingly good photo.

Aesthetic appeal

In addition to what these twins have learned regarding what they believe makes a good pose, there is also the fact that they have very nice smiles. They seem to have a natural aesthetic beauty to them, and these genetic gifts that they received, combined with their strong flair for giving dramatic facial expressions in their pictures, it is no surprise that these two have taken the world by storm – everyone just loves them!

Those baby blues

With their angelic faces and spunky attitude, Megan and Morgan are all-around adorable. But there’s one physical feature of theirs that really stands out: their bright blue eyes, made even more striking to the rarity of their appearance among people of African descent. While Megan has two blue eyes, Morgan has one blue eye and one that’s dark brown – an even rarer combination. All in all, we think you’ll agree that the pair offers a unique appeal that sets them apart from other kids their age.

Profound contrast

The fact is, there are many people in the world with blue eyes, but their mom, Stephanie Boyd, stresses the novelty in her daughters’ case, which is due to the fact that their family is African American. The pop of light blue color against her daughters’ dark skin provides a highly uncommon visual effect. “I wanted them to get out there because of what they look like,” she explains, and when looking at photos like this, it’s hard to argue against their own special beauty.

Heir to the eye

Stephanie goes on to say that she has “never seen an African-American with blue eyes,” though considering her own stunning eye color matches that of her daughters’, she probably meant “except me.” Either way, given the rarity of the combination, we feel safe in saying that Megan and Morgan probably got their gorgeous eye color from their mom, in addition to an apparent affinity for posing for the camera. Looks like these apples didn’t fall far from the tree!

One blue, one brown

Ain’t that the beauty of genes – they are given to you. Not only do the twins’ mom have those same blue eyes, but their grandfather has them, too. And if you were asking, “Well what about Morgan, and her one blue, one brown scenario?” We have an answer for that too. It turns out that Megan and Morgan have both an uncle and great aunt with the same condition. But what exactly is does it include?


Having two eyes that are a different color is by no means a common thing, and it’s scientifically classified under the name of Heterochromia. It turns out that this condition is not that uncommon – in fact, several celebrities have it, such as Hollywood actresses Kate Bosworth and Alice Eve. Still, the twins’ doctor was very curious about the nature of their condition, and he told them to see a specialist so they could get more information about it.

Perfectly fine

Whenever you or your kids have something unique about you, something that makes you different than the rest of society, it’s natural to have questions. It may be even natural to worry a bit – therefore, Morgan and Megan’s parents decided to have them checked out by a specialist who knows about these things. Thankfully, after the visit, the specialist informed them that the girls were “perfectly fine,” and that their eyes were simply different in appearance, and nothing else.

Fashion flair

Okay, so we know that they are girls with good genes, but what we are to soon found out is the girls are good with jeans, as well. Apparently, the twins have a true flair for fashion: “We stayed up all night cutting these jeans,” said Stephanie. “They said that they love this outfit because the shirts match their eyes.” Perhaps they meant “compliment?”According to Stephanie, “They love fashion and they like to dress the same.” Have we mentioned how adorable they are?

Girls like any others

Much like seeing a beautiful painting or rare natural phenomenon, coming across such a unique combination as the seen on the visage of these two girls creates the urge to stare, and perhaps imagine their personalities are being just as otherworldly as their stunning features. The truth, though, is much more down-to-earth, as at the end of the day, Megan and Morgan like to goof around and have fun like any other kid their age.

Typical children

For instance, they absolutely love snacks – what is more kid-like than that? When their parents are trying to speak, they feel that they can’t help themselves but belt out in song. There was actually an interview that the twins’ parents were trying to have regarding their own future, and they were not very attentive to it – instead, they played with markers on a dry-erase board, followed by an intense game of hide and seek. These girls certainly seem like adorably mischievous and rowdy little rascals.

Since birth

I began as a fluke. Like many parents these days, Stephanie Boyd had been posting pictures of her girls for their entire lives. As mentioned previously, she had always entertained the idea of getting her daughters public exposure, due to their striking look. Her husband Lovell reiterates this fact in an interview, stating that Stephanie had been posting photos of them “since they were born.” He didn’t seem too overjoyed about this fact, and seemed to harbor his own reservations about this.

A hint of exposure

But around the time the twins were four years old, an event happened that would upturn their world completely. Deyonte Hunter, a musician from Camden, somehow caught wind of the twins and decided to share their picture. Hunter himself has around 37,000 Instagram followers, along with thousands more on Facebook. Due to his enormous following, his sharing the girls’ photo gave them a taste of public recognition, and was the beginning of their foray into the world of child modeling.

Birthday memory

Stephanie recalled receiving around 2,000 likes on the picture Hunter had posted of the twins. The exact date of the photo’s release was easily recalled by the twins’ aunt, Ebony Morris – the day was August 11th, which happens to be her birthday. Pretty soon, the picture was shared many times over, and seeing their popularity, Boyd decided to post additional pictures of Megan and Morgan that would turn 2,000 likes into 20,000 in no-time.

Celebrity shared

One user on Facebook created a video collage of pictures that got significant attention from the public. Lovell Knight, the twin’s father proudly stated that the video had been viewed more than 6.6 million times. From that moment on, the “Trueblue Twins,” as their mother likes to call them, began to appear on the social media pages of celebrities, such as actress Meagan Good and comedian D.L. Hughley. Things were picking up steam for the girls, but little did they know that their lives were about to turn upside down.

Fame frazzled

When asked how she was feeling in response to all of this media attention that her and especially her girls were receiving, Stephanie responded that it hadn’t hit her yet. Due to her twins’ newfound fame, they weren’t able to walk outside their front door anymore without being recognized. Stephanie recalls a moment where a teenager stopped her and her daughters on the street and said, “Oh my God, you’re the twins! You’re from Philly?”

Trueblue Twins for the win

After their meteoric success, Mama Stephanie began to score them modeling gigs. They traveled down to Jacksonville, N.C. to take part in a fashion show. They also met with model and America’s Next Top Model star Bianca Golden, who had technically become their colleague! Impressive, but it also underscored that these little girls were not only already working, but earning their stripes in an industry that puts a premium on external beauty and youth.

Getting recruited

In addition to meeting Bianca Golden, they were actually scouted by the likes of Yandy Smith, and reality star from the TV show “Love and Hip Hop,” alongside with Ray Ray, a former member of the band Mindless Behavior. They also piqued the interest of famous talk show host Wendy Williams, something Stephanie was very excited about – though she is still waiting to hear back from her. Either way, many celebrities expressed a willingness to help the twins out with modeling and other publicity opportunities.

Wardrobe fun

But the opportunities that would continue to knock on the doors of Megan and Morgan extended into many areas of vanity and glamour, chief among them being clothes. As would be any girls dream (perhaps not a six-year- old’s, but we’ll plead the fifth), they were ecstatic at the prospect of trying on multitudes of new fancy designer clothing they didn’t have to pay for, while actually getting paid to wear the clothes and strike a multitude of poses. the girls took to the camera like the natural-born models they apparently are, and the results easily showed how incredibly sweet and adorable they are.

New revenue stream

Like many of the modern social media stars of the millennial generation, a new source of income for the twins posting pictures of themselves online wearing the clothes of  sponsor’s brand, which is willing to pay top dollar for their product to be exposed to hundreds of thousands of people. The larger the person’s social media following, the more money these companies are willing to shell out – and it is no different with Megan and Morgan.

A slightly different voice

But there is one very important person in this mix who feels slightly different than everyone else regarding the girls’ modeling career – Lovell Knight, their father. “Everybody keeps talking about exposure,” he said. “They got enough exposure to me.” As we mentioned previously, the idea of six-year-olds under the spotlight, and particularly on social media, raises questions regarding their ability to handle the constant pressure to perform and entertain, no matter how successful they are, and it’s nice to see there’s someone in their family taking this into consideration.

Concerned father

Knight may come off as strict to some people, but to many others, he can be viewed as a much needed voice of moderation. When hearing him talk about his daughters, it’s clear how much he truly cares about them. He has admitted that the growing popularity of Megan and Morgan sometimes scares him. This fear is quite understandable – not all adults can to handle the public spotlight, so why should two little girls be expected to be able to do so?

Not my idea

Based on their father’s reservations about their capitalizing on their looks, it seems as though the main catalyst for the girls’ modeling, social media presence and eventual rise to stardom at six years old was their mother, but she says this wasn’t the case. Rather, Stephanie insists that it was the girls’ idea all along, making the case that the world of modeling and posing for the camera have been in their blood from day one.

Born this way

Indeed, family members have said that before the girls even came close to being famous, they would always show signs of wanting to be model. Morgan’s favorite thing to do was to walk pretend to walk down imaginary runways, while Megan’s favorite part was to get her hair done and try on new outfits. As a team, they always loved being front and center, displaying their newly learned fashion poses. “It’s just in them,” says their aunt Ebony. “They were born for this.”

NewTube stars

Megan and Morgan seem to be pretty aware of their fame, though on an appropriately child’s level of understanding. As an example of this, their teacher texted Stephanie to say that her daughters suggested their teacher look them up on “NewTube”. Perhaps this says it all: the twins are, in fact, YouTube sensations, despite not being old enough to pronounce it correctly. This isn’t a knock on them – they are, after all, only six – but a note on the rapidity with which they’ve progressed into adult territory.

Negative backlash

There are many reasons that being under the spotlight may not be a good idea for anyone, let alone two six-year-old girls. One of those reasons is the negative backlash that comes with the package. As popular as the girls have become, the Trueblue Twins are by no means immune to the haters of the world, and they do receive a small amount of negative responses, as well. Thankfully, however, Megan and Morgan have a strong support system, and their father especially is on the front lines of defense.

Different perspectives

The twins’ mother, father, and aunt all have different approaches to their career path. Aunt Ebony says she is ready to support whatever the twins choose to do. Papa Lovell also supports them, but not as much as he supports their schooling. And as for Mama Stephanie? She’s got big plans, saying, “I can see them on Empire.” We wish you all the luck and support in the world, girls! And we hope that together with the fun sides of fame, you’ll be allowed to have fun as children.

Philly pride

It turns out that our twins have external passions outside the world of modeling. Or at least – passions that they’ve inherited from their family. In the recent success of the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL Super Bowl, being that they are the champions, the Boyd family posted pictures at a local Eagles parade, where they can be seen here painted green, true to Eagle colors. Megan and Morgan seem to be enjoying themselves – for the most part.

Sense of community

It’s nice to know that the twins have a family that’s involved with the community. Events such as a parade for the Philadelphia Eagles are the type of events that can really shape a person’s character in a positive way. They allow the individuals in attendance to garner for themselves a feeling of cameradire, a sense of being a part of something greater than themselves. For the likes of Megan and Morgan, this could be very good for them considering they are the center of attention quite often.

Cousin lovin’

Speaking of being a part of something greater than yourself, check out this picture of the Boyd twins getting cozy with their little baby cousin. If there’s one thing that might help a child learn something profound about themselves, it’s the introduction to a new life outside of themselves. When kids grow up, they tend to be very much in their own worlds, and the more opportunities they are given to connect to new and younger lives entering this world, the better.

Little brother

In addition to their little cousin, the twins also went through a crucial moment in their life when they were given a little brother. He’s just as cute as them, although to be fair he doesn’t possess the same magic eyes that Megan and Morgan have, along with their mother. However, the point here is not the looks, but the love in this picture. As they sit here on these front steps, you can’t help but fall for these three children that clearly adore each other.

Family of models

It seems that regardless of age, the Boyd family is all about the modeling culture. Check out the timeless “Derek Zoolander-esque” poses in this picture. From Megan and Morgan we have already come to expect it from, from how about from their relatives as well? It’s actually kind of a comforting feeling to know that the type of work that the twins engage in is not something that is made to be taboo or strange in their household, but rather something silly and fun that they can all enjoy together.

Jacksonville fashion week

As recent as October of 2017, the twins were invited to be the stars of a fashion week event that was taking place in Jacksonville, Florida. In this event, there would be countless other young stars, some of them with followings as well, and some without – but most importantly, they all have that genetic gift about them that makes them objectively good looking. In this picture, you can see the twins having a good time, surrounded by many other girls who look like they may have had similar upbringings.


These types of events are good for many reasons, such as exposure and experience, but another reason that they are good is collaboration. Attending events such as the Jacksonville fashion week allows the twins to meet many other young kids that are in very similar positions as them, such as the young girl that is with them in this picture. This allows them to talk about possibly working together in the future, and perhaps form an everlasting friendship bond as well.

Baby pictures

As much as we love the Trueblue twins now, check out this picture of them when they were babies. Their eyes in this picture are clearly as prominent as they ever were – and this is what got their mother Stephanie so worked up about when they were first born. That being said, seeing them now in a place of such serenity and simplicity, before they were ever struck by the complications of the media, makes you wonder if it was the right idea to expose them to all of that.

Not alone

We’ve been talking a lot about whether or not them being exposed to the public at such a young age is the “right thing”, and whether or not their mother, Stephanie Boyd was in the right mindset when she decided to allow this to happen. It is prudent to note, however, that these Trueblue Twins aren’t the only children Instagram sensations that became models. In fact, it turns out that they aren’t even the only twins.

Clements twins

Indeed, there are actually another pair of stunning young twins in the world today, and their names are Ava and Leah Clements. These seven-year-old girls actually have a very similar story to that of Megan and Morgan. They also got a lot of attention as babies due to their aesthetically beautiful looks, they also had a mother that indirectly pushed hard for them to be in the spotlight, and like the Boyd twins, they also became viral Instagram model sensations.