What’s the best exercise to lose weight: Cardio or lifting weights?

There are a whole load of reasons we can look to lose weight, and it’s a great first step to think about dropping some pounds. However, there are so many types of exercises out there, and it can be hard to know what’s the right one for you. Do you go with cardio or lifting weights? There’s only one thing to do, find out the best exercise to lose weight.

The benefits of cardio

Cardio is one of the best exercises for burning a high number of calories per session as it gets our heart rate up and taps into those energy stores we’re looking to burn away. However, as with most exercises, the larger you are typically means the more calories you will burn for the same amount of effort. This type of training is also brilliant for anyone of any shape or size as you can easily tailor the regime to suit your needs. Plus, cardio often leads to fewer recovery days and can be performed more times a week.

What’s the best exercise to lose weight: Cardio or lifting weights?

The disadvantages of cardio

Cardio might have its perks, but this type of exercise can also have its disadvantages. For example, there is a higher chance of getting an injury, such as pain in your joints or tendon injuries, thanks to the high impact nature of it. Plus, it’s tough to build muscle through cardio alone meaning you could drop the pounds, but still be left feeling unsatisfied with the end results. As if that wasn’t enough, cardio is also not recommended for people with hormonal imbalances as it can upset your body even further.

The benefits of lifting weights

Although cardio burns more calories per session, lifting weights helps to build muscles in your body which, in turn, cause a spike in your metabolism. This means your body will continue to burn hundreds of calories for many hours after your training session. Lifting weights will also add definition to your muscles reasonably quickly, as well as being an excellent exercise for anyone recovering from an injury or looking to prevent hurting themselves in the future.

The disadvantages of lifting weights

Of course, weight lifting comes with its own list of disadvantages, too. For example, your body needs a longer recovery period between sessions as it can be put under an immense amount of pressure during training. It can also be easy to injure yourself if you try and lift something too heavy, or have a session without a spotter there to help you out. Finally, weight training can make our bodies feel a lot more hungry which could lead to overeating.

Is cardio or lifting weights best for weight loss?

The answer is simple: you need both. Sure, it’s important to find an exercise you love if you have any chance of carrying on with your new regime, but you need to find a way to incorporate both cardio and weightlifting into your routine if you want to see maximum results. This way you’ll be able to drop the pounds while building up healthier, fitter muscles at the same time, and you’re body will always be wondering what is coming next. It’s perfect!

What’s the best exercise to lose weight: Cardio or lifting weights?

Although the answer might be simple when it comes to finding out whether cardio or lifting weights is better to lose weight, doing the exercise might not be so easy. However, trying lots of different options until you find one that suits will give you the all-around routine you’re looking for. Happy exercising!