What to wear on a second date

You’ve made it passed the awkward conversation, long silences, and who pays the bill debate? Congrats – now it’s time to kick it all off for round two! The second date might not be as daunting as the first, but it can still be tough deciding what to wear. After all, sweatpants probably aren’t suitable just yet…

Luxurious lace

We’re guessing that if you have agreed to a second date, you’re probably feeling some kind of connection, right? Even if you don’t know where it will all go, this is the time to keep them on the edge of their seats. Lace is often thought to be a romantic fabric and can be a perfect outfit for a second date. It could be a lace dress, a top, or even lacey tights. Any aspect of the material will be sure to get their hearts racing.

What to wear on a second date

Jacket and mini skirt

This is a combination that has been winning people over for years. A leather biker jacket will add that touch of grunge that leaves them guessing “Is she really edgy after all?” On the other hand, a mini skirt will add in the perfect amount of femininity. To top the whole look off, you can even team it all with a pair of biker boots. At last, a second date outfit that’s comfortable too.

Open back

Wearing something that shows off your legs that go on for days can be a quick way to grab anyone’s attention. However, you’ll leave your date feeling even hotter under the collar if you show some skin in unexpected places. An open back top or dress will leave your date feeling off-guard and gets the ball entirely in your court.


Maybe skirts and dresses aren’t really your style? Or perhaps the idea of shaving your legs has been enough to put you off the entire date altogether? (Same.) Have no fear. Jumpsuits can be the perfect alternative. Tailored jumpsuits can be dressed up with a pair of heels, or toned down with some flats. Plus, this is a versatile outfit that can be worn just about anywhere. A great choice if your date location is a surprise.

What to wear on a second date

Side-split dress

If you want to show some leg but don’t want to go overboard, we may have found the answer to your issues. A side-split. These dresses offer the occasional peek-a-boo at what lies underneath while still keeping that air of mystery about you. After all, it’s only the second date, and hopefully, there should be many left yet to come. To make them even better, side-splits are brilliant for dinners and dancing meaning you are dressed for wherever the night may take you.

Statement jacket

If you are worried about coming off as too high maintenance then don’t worry, you accessories could help bring things back down to Earth. Yes, that dress looks fantastic on you. But what about wearing it with a boyfriend jacket? Now you can keep yourself looking tough and in charge as well as see how the style feels in case the date goes even further. After all, those evenings can get chilly.

The second date can be just as much fun as the first now you should be more comfortable with each other. Hopefully, by carefully choosing what to wear on your second date it won’t be long until you have bagged yourself a third. And maybe even a fourth…