How to make your apartment feel like a home when you’re living solo

Perhaps you’ve just finished college, are moving out of a house-share, or you’re looking to fly the nest; whatever your reason for moving into an apartment on your own, it can be pretty daunting. Thankfully, there are some tips you can follow to instantly make your new apartment feel less of a shell and more like home.

Comfort food

If you’ve house-shared all your life, then you may know the problem of trying to get all your food in the fridge without the worry of someone stealing it. Now, the entire refrigerator is yours! You can add whatever you like in here, including all your favorite food. By having a well-stocked selection of choices, it may help to make your apartment feel more homely.

Cozy bedroom space

Having plenty of pillows and comforters can instantly transform your bed into a cloud of pure bliss. Before, your bedroom could have felt more like an escape room to get away from the chaos in the rest of the house. Now it’s time to get creative and turn it into the perfect space to unwind! Lazy weekends are yours for the taking, and there’s no better place to spend them than in comfort.

Childhood memories

Moving out of the family home and setting up on your own can be incredibly daunting, especially if your childhood memories have all been made in that house. But why should that mean you don’t take those memories with you to help create new ones? By taking a stuffed animal or memorable trinket, it can transform this new space into a safe haven. Plus there’s no one to judge – you live on your own!

How to make your apartment feel like a home when you’re living solo

Mother’s touch

Our moms seem to know us better than we even know ourselves. They definitely must have some kind of hidden superpower! However, all that knowledge means they can help turn your new space into the perfect personal home. And what better way to settle into your new apartment than by getting it ready with your mom? It can be the perfect bonding time before you officially fly the nest.

Candles and plants

You can’t go wrong decorating when it comes to candles and plants. Having a candle in each room can help bring light and ambiance when there is no one else there with you. Plants also help to bring life to your new apartment and can brighten the place up. The best bit is there are so many varieties of both you’re almost guaranteed to find something to suit your style.


If you want to turn your new apartment into a home then why not spread your memories throughout the new space? Childhood photos or recent snaps with friends and family can be the perfect reminder of who is there for you even though you’re living alone. Plus they will add color to the corners of the room that may have otherwise been left blank.

How to make your apartment feel like a home when you’re living solo

Multiple chairs

Just because you are living alone doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to one chair at the dining table. This can make the place feel lonely, and what will you do if you have guests over? By adding enough seats for everyone then you’ve covered all bases. Having the extra seating may also be an incentive to pick up the phone and invite some friends and family over!

Just because you live by yourself doesn’t mean you have to feel alone. In fact, now is the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the space and quiet by not having any roommates. With all these personal touches, you should soon feel right at home.