5 signs it’s time to take a vacation

Believe it or not, but vacationing is actually an important aspect of maintaining a good sense of wellbeing. Sometimes your daily life can get stressfully difficult for no apparent reason, and it’s usually a sign you need to take some time off from work to relax for a while.

As if you needed another excuse to book some time off, here are five signs that it’s time you take a vacation.

You’re having trouble sleeping

No matter how tired you may feel, sometimes you just can’t seem to sleep well. And no one should be deprived of sleep. Whether you are having trouble dozing off stressing about the worries of tomorrow’s big day, or whether you’re sleeping restlessly through the night, a lack of sleep can be a huge sign you need time to have a proper rest. Long term sleep issues can be an endless cycle of stress, so it is crucial you take the time you need to catch up on the downtime your body needs.

5 signs it’s time to take a vacation

You’re making more mistakes at work

It could be that all you think about is work, or that you are no longer enthusiastic about the work that you’re doing. Everyone needs time to reboot their system, and if you find yourself making more errors than usual at work, it could be a sign you need to take some time away from your duties. Studies have shown that your performance will actually improve after you’ve taken a vacation, increasing your productivity, boosting your energy levels, and improving your concentration levels. We suggest showing this one to your boss too.

You’ve lost your sense of humor

If you find yourself not laughing at the things you used to, then things need to change! Perhaps you’re feeling negative, no longer optimistic and no longer motivated to find the joy in anything anymore. Feeling cynical and uninspired is often the result of feeling stuck in a ruck with nothing to look forward to, so perhaps it’s time to recharge your batteries. If you’re feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled even when you’re being productive, then it’s time for a break to reevaluate where you’re at and where you want your life to go.

You keep making bad choices

When you’re stressed and feeling a bit down in the dumps, unhealthy habits can begin to take over. Takeouts can become a common dinner choice, and a bottle in front of TV seems like the best idea for Friday nights alone. The gym membership certainly doesn’t get used either. Well, if this is sounding like you at the moment, then maybe it’s time to cut out these bad choices and give yourself and your body the real break it needs.

5 signs it’s time to take a vacation

Your personal life is suffering

A lack of you-time can dampen your spirit, making you feel frustrated and defeated without you even realizing. Sometimes this negativity can spill over into your personal relationships too, whether it’s withdrawing from your friends, arguing with a loved one, or even getting angry with co-workers. This is an unhealthy mindset to be in, and it could be that you simply need some time to refresh and remind yourself of your goals.

If you’re struggling to remember what it feels like to be sipping on an ice cold beverage in the sun, then we think you should get your next flight booked. It’s more important than you think.