What should you be bringing to the beach?

The sun is out, the weather is great, and all your friends are calling to meet up. What more of an excuse do you need to head to the beach? It’s the perfect place to get everything you need out of the summer sun, but you don’t want to forget something. Thankfully, we have put together a list of what you should bring to the beach to make sure all your time can go on having fun. You can thank us later.

Portable cooler

We could sit here and pretend we’re going to the beach to get active. However, we’re not gonna lie – we want to grab ourselves a snack or two. What better way to make sure you’re covered than with a portable cooler? They are perfect for the beach as they will keep drinks and food cool while you burn off some energy in the ocean or building sandcastles.

What should you be bringing to the beach?


It might have been a while since we had our parents there to look after us in the sun, but we haven’t forgotten their golden rule: wear a hat in the sun. Sunburn on the top of your head is probably one of the last things you’ll need this summer and is easily avoidable with the addition of a hat. If that wasn’t enough, these can also offer a way to find shade in the heat of the midday sun.

Water bottle

This is key if you want to enjoy your day at the beach without the worry of getting dehydrated. Sure, you might be surrounded by water, but that doesn’t mean you can keep on top of your hydration levels from being in the sea. It’s important to choose a bottle that can be tightened securely to avoid getting any unwanted sand in your drink, as well as one that is well insulated from the environment.


Whether you’re going with kids or want to get in touch with your inner youngster, floatables are perfect for the beach. These can be anything from a rubber ring to a giant unicorn and everything in between. If that wasn’t enough, floatables can be a way to escape to the sea and cool down after spending some time in the sun. Just be sure to watch children at all times and make sure you pay attention to the current before you fall asleep.

Dry bag

If you’re heading to the beach with any electronics, then you might want to think about picking up a dry bag before you jet off. These wonderful inventions work by letting you put all your precious gadgets inside and out of the way of the water. The best bit? They are super lightweight and portable meaning you can quickly slip one into your beach bag without the worry of any extra weight.

What should you be bringing to the beach?

Beach chairs

These might be a luxury for some but can make all the difference to your beach experience – especially if you aren’t a fan of the sand. Having a chair on the beach means you should avoid a lot of the gritty stuff, and can offer a way for young children to rest without having to curl up on the beach. They might be a bulkier addition but are worth adding to the list of things you should be bringing to the beach.

Heading to the beach can be a great time for anyone to spend time together, and you no longer have to worry about missing anything off the list of things you should be bringing to the beach. Now, you can focus all your time on sitting back, relaxing, and soaking up the sunshine in style.