The beauty routine you should adopt in your thirties

Special care is required for our skin by the time we reach our thirties. By this time, most of us begin to show signs of ageing in our face, general skin, and hair. The following beauty tips can be effective to help keep ageing in your thirties at bay.

1. Avoid stress

Seems a little odd – huh? But yes, your beauty depends on how stress free you are. Of course, come your thirties, there is a lot to worry about. The key to avoid major stress is to stop thinking about things that you cannot change. Learn to let go of things that are bothering you and focus on the things that you can do something about.

2. Sleep well

A stress free mind results in a good night’s sleep. When you’re asleep, your body rejuvenates itself and sleep helps stabilize blood circulation. Without a good night’s sleep, no matter how much product you use on your face, you will look tired and dull.

3. Oil your hair

Oil your hair at least once a week. A dry scalp will be a playground for dandruff, and as we age, our natural oil glands reduce the production of oil. The presence of dandruff can lead to further skin complications, like acne. Moreover, regularly oiled hair will look more natural and add a silky texture.

4. Exfoliate regularly

The key to healthy skin is to remove the dead layer of skin from the epidermis, or the top layer of skin. Exfoliation stimulates the cells on your face and gives you a radiant and blemish free look. Use any kind of face wash with scrub particles and massage in a clockwise direction first, and then in a counter-clockwise direction, Wash your face with water to clear all of the dead cells

5. Use sunscreen

Never leave the house without sunscreen. Remember that your skin can be quite sensitive to the UV radiation from the sun. Look for products with SPF 30 and higher on their labels to properly protect your skin.

6. Cleanse your face upon returning home at night

Make sure that this is the first thing that you do after a long day. Just imagine all the bacteria and gunk on your skin after a hectic day. Leaving it on your skin can lead to number of complications from a simple skin rash to a skin infection.

7. Moisturize

As we age, our skin gradually loses its ability to stay hydrated, especially during the winter. Skin can get flaky and irritated without proper moisturization. Use a moisturizer before bedtime or just apply Vaseline to the exposed skin. This will help to lock in the skin’s moisture.

8. Avoid junk food

Our beauty depends on our overall physical health, so try to stay away from oily and sugary foods. Our metabolism rate starts to slow as we age, so our diet becomes even more important.

Age can just be a number when it comes to beauty if proper care is taken at the correct time. Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure, so start caring for your body as early as possible. These tips are a great way to start!