Wearable tech brands you should know about

Sometimes you have to take a little step back and look at all the technology we currently have, to see just how far we have come. When you think about the fact that we carry small, incredibly powerful computers around in our pocket every day, which allow us to contact people from across the world at the push of a button, you really feel like you’re living in the future! Wearable tech is no longer just about fitness trackers or smartwatches, and here are some of the coolest wearable tech brands to watch out for.

Wearable Experiments

Wearable X is a range of activewear that uses sensors and vibration to take your workout to the next level. For example, their range of yoga wear offers guidance during your practice, through vibrations and accelerometers around your knees, hips, and ankles. Back in 2016, they released their Fan Jersey which used haptic vibrations in real time to allow fans to ‘feel’ the game!


Motiv has taken the concept of a smartwatch and put the technology into a sleek ring that offers the ability to track your sleep, activity, and heart rate. Waterproof, subtle, and with a battery that lasts three days, it’s a pretty cool piece of kit. Also, now it has the ability to work with Alexa, we can see this only getting better.


Nanowear have developed an incredible medical-grade textile which can capture information via the wearer’s skin which is, in turn, able to analyze this information medically. For example, the smart garments are working to keep patients of congestive heart failure out of hospital but continually monitoring things such as their heart rate variability and respiratory rate, etc. Spotting an issue before it becomes a problem, and making an accurate diagnosis. Smart, right?

Thesis Couture

If SATC was set in 2019, we know Carrie Bradshaw would be wearing a pair of Thesis Couture stilettos. Created by former SpaceX employee, Dolly Singh – alongside an Italian shoemaker, a mechanical engineer, an orthopedic surgeon, and a literal rocket scientist – these heels use technology to bring absolute comfort to a traditionally uncomfortable shoe.

Imagination Factory

Imagination Factory’s SwimAR is a pretty clever piece of tech which works by attaching to a standard set of goggles and displaying real-time metrics to the user as they swim. Swimmers don’t need to to look down at a smartwatch, however, as the view uses Sony’s holographic display technology.

VFiles x XO

Most wearable tech is pretty functional, but this is purely just super cool. These items of clothing seem like regular plain white pieces, but they actually have the ability to showcase a whole range of colors and patterns, even connecting to an app to sync them with music. Imagine how impressive and fun this will be at Coachella when they become more mainstream.

We might not have the Marty McFly Back to the Future Nike’s with automatic lacing (yet!), but it’s clear that there are some pretty cool things coming out in the world of wearable tech, so watch this space!