What to do when your lipstick breaks

It’s a horror that most of us have had to endure at some point or other, and if you haven’t – well your time will come! It’s always your favorite lipstick, your signature color that snaps halfway through application, leaving you a half-done smeary mess on the verge of tears. This is most heartbreaking when it’s something special – perhaps it was a pricey payday treat or is a limited edition. It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient moment, when you are on your way out or the drugstore is closed, so replacing it isn’t an option.

Don’t panic!

Thankfully, there are ways to fix this! You don’t have to angrily launch your Mac Ruby Woo into the nearest trash can while sobbing hysterically. Although you may feel as though the situation is helpless, the internet, as always, has got your back and has come up with some ingenious ways to fix the situation!

Scoop it out

If your lipstick has broken close to the base (the worst!), but there is still plenty of it left, you can fix it by scooping out the base (we used a clean paperclip – handy little things!) and place the broken bullet back into the base. This will make it shorter than it was, but a whole lot sturdier! As a bonus, any of the lipstick you have had to scoop out can be stored in a little pot and used with a lip brush!

What to do when your lipstick breaks

Heat it up

This method is great if your lipstick is pretty worn down and you don’t want to lose too much of the product. The concept is simple, but the execution is a little more complicated! You need to hold a flame to the bottom of the broken off part, until it is a little melted, and then press it onto the base until it starts to set. You may wish to use something to smooth down the join and then pop it in the refrigerator to set.

Put it in a pot

If it is beyond hope of fixing, do not despair! All you need is a candle, a spoon, and a small container and you can carry on using it! Simply heat the lipstick into a liquid, on a spoon held over a candle and pour it into a container. Pop it in the freezer to make sure it sets and then use a lip brush to apply! If you don’t want to melt it or want to use it sooner, simply smashing it into a paste will do the trick too, although it gives a smoother finish to melt it!

Mix it up

Perhaps you already have a spare but hate the thought of just throwing it away? Why not combine it with another color (those little pots are coming in handy again!) to create a custom shade for a bit of experimentation, or even using it as a cream blush? Simply use the melting technique above and mix some colors together – you might start breaking them on purpose to create your own personal palette!

Bonus tip

You can use an old pressed powder compact as your melted lipstick-storing container, and if it has a mirror included you are living the dream! It will fit in seamlessly with your makeup kit and look kind of cute too!

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What to do when your lipstick breaks