Things every woman should avoid when washing her hair

“Sorry, I can’t, I’m washing my hair” – although that is mostly a joke or a lame excuse, us women know that washing our hair is quite the operation! It has to be done on the right day so that you can get the most use out of it, and at a time when you have an hour or so free to dry it properly! However, here are something you may not realize that you are doing wrong when you wash your hair.

Don’t comb your hair the wrong way

If you are someone who suffers from lots of tangles, you might have tried combing your hair in the shower, before rinsing off the conditioner; however, you need to be extra careful when doing this. If you comb from the top of your head down, you will cause lots of breakages and split ends, especially when your hair is wet and more fragile. Start from the bottom in small sections and work through the knots carefully.

Things every woman should avoid when washing her hair

Think about your own hair type

Different types of hair need different types of care. Not just with the products you use, but the way you used them too. For example, a trick to help with oily hair is to apply the shampoo before you even wet the hair, as this will help to remove build up. Longer hair needs a leave-in detangler after hair is washed to avoid post-washing knots and blondes need to look for purple shampoos to keep their hair looking classy, not brassy!

Consider your water type

All water is not created equal! Some of us have really hard water where we live, and that can cause a lot of problems with your hair when washing it. The mineral buildup can even alter the color of your hair! If you are one of the 80% of Americans that live in a hard water area, there are some things you can do, aside from using filtered water! There are some shampoos that are made for hard water, and also crystal packets that will remove the buildup from hard water which will hopefully stop your hair being too brassy, flat, or stiff.

Consider your water temperature

The water you use when washing your hair is so important, as you can see! A lot of us use really hot water when washing our hair; however, this can fade color and strip the hair of its natural oils. Use warm water to shampoo your hair, as this will help to loosen and remove any buildup. Then, when you move to conditioner, turn the temperature down a little as this can seal in moisture and it will close the hair cuticles down, making your hair appear smoother and shinier!

Things every woman should avoid when washing her hair

Avoid Sulfate

A lot of hair products contain sulfates, despite the fact that hairstylists and doctors alike warn against them. They can be irritating to those with sensitive skin and make a real mess of your hair, making it dry and frizzy as well as stipping your color. Parabens are also a big no-no as they coat your hair, leaving a layer of wax behind. Finally, synthetic keratin is also one to avoid as it can cause cuticle damage and even scalp rejection – eek!

Washing your hair the right way will make it look and feel amazing, so what are you waiting for?! Apply these tips to your own tips now and tame that mane!