Summer vacation tips to help you look great

Going on vacation should be all about enjoying the free time, exploring the local area, and learning about a new area of the world, right? Oh, and looking good on Instagram, of course. Sadly, being away from home means we can often be without many of our go-to products as we’re hundreds of miles away from our creature comforts. Thankfully, we have some summer vacation tips to help you look great while living out of a suitcase.

Pack toiletries wisely

A checked bag might seem like a lot, but the weight can quickly sneak up if you’re not careful, especially when it comes to packing all those heavy bottles of lotions and potions. It can be easy to want to take away your entire medicine cabinet, but keeping it to a minimum will help make sure you have everything you need without the extra costs. Instead, why not opt for travel-size options or smaller bottles you can decant your favorite moisturizer into? Most places you go on vacation are going to have toiletries there anyway, so leave them behind if you can!

Summer vacation tips to help you look great

Keep hydrated

Looking great while living out of a suitcase can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as we think it is. True beauty starts from within and making sure you’re fully hydrated is one of the best ways to rock your vacation look. Packing a water bottle is key if you want to stay healthy while looking good. Plus, your skin will thank you for all that extra hydration, while your body will be grateful for all the extra water after that time in the summer sun.

Prepare for frizz

Not all of us are lucky to live next to the beach, and heading on a summer vacation can be the time many of us find out one of the effects of all that sea air: frizz. Oh yes. Beach waves are an effortless way to look good great by the sea, but full on Monica level frizz might have you turning heads for a very different reason. Unless you want to rock the braided shell look? To combat the frizz, all you need is some anti-frizz spray or some frizz sheets to keep all those stray hairs at bay.

Keep makeup simple

Why worry yourself with hours in front of the mirror applying all types of foundation, concealers, and powders while you’re on vacation? Fear not; you don’t have to give up your fun in the sun just yet, especially while living out of a suitcase. Foundations can actually be drying on our skin which could lead to a disaster if you’re spending your days in the sun. Instead, keeping makeup simple with some tinted moisturizer, mascara and a few lip shades will give you more time to relax as well as give you more room in your suitcase.

Summer vacation tips to help you look great

Think all in one

The tickets are booked, the hotel is waiting, and you’re counting down your days until you get to spend fun in the sun, but what will you wear?! Packing a vacation wardrobe is tough for anyone jetting off, but we’re here to help keep it simpler. All in one outfits, such as jumpsuits or dresses, take away the stress of having to own matching pants and tops as well as saving room in your case. Could it get any better than that?

Going away on vacation can be the highlight of the summer. At last, we can spend a week away from the stresses of life and still look great while living out of a suitcase. Pack the sunscreen and get the cameras ready – we’re ready to jet off on the next adventure of a lifetime!