Nail trends you don’t want to miss

Over the past decade, nail trends have evolved tremendously, from short, simple, polish-free nails to frosted pastel colors and long sparkly nails. We’ve had trends like top neons, rhinestones, and bold color blocking. There was also grunge nail art including short, dark nails, and who could forget the defining style of the French manicure?

Recently, nail art has become even more intricate with textured colors, nude shades, glittery tips, and other emerging techniques. Nail art can be a unique style for everyone, and this is visible in the diversity of manicure trends which reflect personality and style. You can play around with nail color, length, shape, and texture thus creating a trend of your very own.

Nail trends you don’t want to miss


There are a wide variety of shapes that you can use for your nails, including square, squoval, round, oval, almond, coffin, and even stiletto. Nail shapes represent different styles or bring out different personalities. The coffin and stiletto shapes are more popular with the edgier crowds because they are seen as a bold choice. The oval and almond shapes are timeless, worn by many different kinds of people and reflect diverse personality types.


Emerging techniques have set up new trends over time. Heavy three dimensional embellishments with thick and thin rhinestones glued to nails is a trend that is interesting and eye-catching. Stones are glued in different patterns according to an individual’s preference.


Logo nails are also a bold trend in which people put classic logos of their liking, such as a Nike swoosh, on their nails. It can be painted across two nails for a more subtle look.


Incorporating pretty prints is a popular style which may include interwoven lines and negative space. The two combine for a lovely effect. Pretty prints are colorful and graphic, and are a great choice to go with any style.

Nail trends you don’t want to miss


Athleisure nails are a trend that many people are embracing. To achieve this style, sporty stripes are painted on your nails. It is a bolder form of nail art that has an edgier feeling to it.

Polka dots

Uniform polka dots painted on nails is a popular style that has a playful effect to it. However, a more interesting technique has come up over the years in which a mix of small, medium, and large dots give the nail design a cooler vibe than just uniform polka dots.


The checkmate style looks like a picnic blanket painted on your nails. It includes color blocking and is more intricate. The picnic blanket style may even bring up a warm feeling, which can be inviting and intriguing.

Nude shades

Nude shades in nail art are essential as they give a calm and collected vibe which can fit many personalities and is an ingredient in a variety of styles. A lot of people don’t want to stand out with bold colors or glittery nails – they just want a laid back vibe that comes across well with nude shades. You can upgrade the everyday nude manicure with a single black stripe across the fingernail, breaking the monotonous nature of the color. This a a major trendsetting style.

Nail art does not need to be elaborate to make a statement – simple can go a long way. And aside from fashion, manicures are a reliable and inexpensive way to treat yourself to some personal care.