Makeup products that are actually good for your skin

Although makeup can hide a multitude of skin sins (does anyone really drink enough water?!), sometimes it can cause more harm than good. Luckily, there are some products that will nourish your skin, as well as covering the odd breakout. So, why not choose one of these makeup products that are good for your skin next time you are splashing out on new cosmetics.


BareMinerals is an example of makeup without any of the gross additives (harmful chemicals, fragrance, preservatives, and oils) that still offers flawless mineral makeup. Whether your skin is dry, oily or a combination, their mineral foundation will create a no-makeup finish and sun protection to boot.


Clarins is one of the biggest brands in Europe, and it’s easy to see why. They swapped harsh chemicals for plant-based ingredients and focussed their marketing on happiness and self-care. They are all about bettering your skin, rather than just covering it up and they do it superbly.

It Cosmetics

There’s a reason that It Cosmetics’ CC Cream is a cult favorite among beauty bloggers. The formula is incredibly hydrating, packed full of hyaluronic acid, and various vitamins. Plus, as it was created by a rosacea sufferer, Jamie Kern Lima, it offers buildable coverage without being cakey and drying. It really is ‘your skin but better.’


You can trust the French to create a truly luxurious product, full of natural antioxidants such as organic grapes (yum!) and a whole host of delicious butters and oils – even their skincare sounds delectable. For a natural but radiant look, be sure to grab their tinted moisturizer, which also offers SPF 20.

Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals

There’s something about the letters ‘MD’ that just makes you want to trust a product, right? Perricone MD has a foundation called ‘No Foundation Foundation Serum’ which gives you the stunning no makeup look while blurring imperfections and minimizing fine lines, pores, and even wrinkles.

Tarte Cosmetics

Another favorite with the beauty community, Tarte offers some stunning, beautifully pigmented palettes that just so happen to be eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and very kind to skin. Boasting ingredients such as maracuja oil for radiance and Amazonian clay which helps to mattify oily areas, every beauty guru on Youtube seems to have some Tarte products in their arsenal.

Juice Beauty

Even the brand name screams hydration! Full of antioxidants, vitamins, and extracts such as aloe and goji berry, these products will nourish and replenish your skin, without compromising on coverage and pigmentation.

La Roche-Posay

If you suffer from sensitive skin, then La Roche-Posay is an absolute holy-grail brand. They are continually working with dermatologists to improve their offerings, extending their range from just skincare to makeup and even hair products. Their BB cream is a fan favorite as it offers a mattifying blur with light coverage that won’t aggravate sensitive or spot-prone skin.

So instead of always reaching for your old favorite, tried-and-tested trusty products, why not pick up something a little different and see how it affects your skin!