Lucy Hale always wears these 5 beauty trends

When it comes to searching for the latest beauty trends, you might find yourself looking on Instagram. Are we right? However, the answer to keeping on top of the beauty game might have been staring us in the face this whole time. Lucy Hale has been on our screens for many years in the likes of the mystery thriller Pretty Little Liars, but it’s her time on the red carpet where Lucy has always been wearing these five beauty trends – and no one ever noticed.

The bob cut

The bob cut was so 1990s. However, being fashion forward can sometimes be about taking a step backward. That’s where Lucy Hale has often found inspiration for her beauty trends, including her hairstyle. The decade was filled with bobs, and now it seems as though every celebrity is jumping back on the trend. However, Lucy has been sporting the style since before it was even a thing, and no one seemed to notice. As if that wasn’t enough, the actress has even showcased how you can wear it so many ways. Straight, wavy, up, or down – Lucy Hale has done it all.

Lucy Hale always wears these 5 beauty trends

Textured hair

While on the subject of Lucy Hale’s hairstyle, can we take a moment to appreciate the finer details of her ‘do? The actress doesn’t just wake up, shake out her hair, and hit the red carpet. No, Lucy has often been spotted with plenty of textured details, including braided ponytails, which add that extra layer of detail to any look. Plus, she proves how you don’t need miles of hair extensions to style your hair. Even with a bob cut, Lucy is winning when it comes to the hairstyle game.

Bold eyebrows

Let’s face it; bold eyebrows have been making a comeback since the beginning of the decade. Sure, in the years gone past we have seen eyebrows change shape and size many times. In fact, it wasn’t long ago that it was about having as little hair as possible. Now, it’s time to embrace the hairier lifestyle. If there is one woman that has showcased bold brows before they were even a thing, it’s Lucy Hale. The actress has perfected the curved arch while still keeping things natural. All it takes is a little eyebrow detailing and you, too, could have the brows to match.

Lucy Hale always wears these 5 beauty trends

Bright eye makeup

Lucy Hale’s bold eyebrows don’t just sit there gaining their own attention; no, they are there to frame her eye makeup. The actress knows how not to overdo it when it comes to her makeup as she opts for one part of her face to showcase. A popular option for Lucy is to wear vibrant color around her eyes. What better way to make her green peepers pop? Sometimes the actress opts for a bright shadow to give her eyes depth, while other times Lucy might choose a vivid eyeliner to frame her eyes. This is a beauty trend we could get on board with.

Dark lipstick

No longer does dark lipstick have to stay in the drawer until winter. We can now break out the deeper shades any time of the year. After all, if Lucy Hale can do it, why can’t we? There are so many options to choose from, including deep cherry shades, berry colors, and, if you’re feeling really brave, you could even break out a black lipstick for the occasion. Lucy has been showcasing dark lipstick for years and knows how to pair the look with the rest of her outfit perfectly. Lucy, please tell us all your secrets!

How can all of these beauty trends have been staring us in the face for so long yet no one noticed? And all from one person?! We really need to start paying more attention. So we applaud you Lucy Hale; you have been setting beauty trends since before they were even a thing. Impressive.