How to keep your makeup from sweating off this summer

The weather is fabulous, the heat is fabulous, and we’re fabulous. Why not go out there into the world and show off all your beauty? The problem is, the running foundation and panda look is so last week, and we’re sure you want a way to keep your makeup from sweating off this summer. Don’t worry; we gotcha covered.

Prime time

Yes, you might have heard all the beauty gurus talking about primer, but now is your chance to give it a go yourself. Primer ensures your makeup stays in place all day and night by making sure your foundation is smoother and lasts longer. All you do is apply a thin layer underneath your foundation, and you’re already taking steps to keeping your makeup safe from sweat this summer. Just be sure to choose an oil-based one if that’s your choice of makeup, or water-based vice-versa.

Just add water

If you want to make your eyes pop this summer, but you’re worried about your eyeshadow cracking throughout the day, then it could be time to add some water. Using a damp brush will ensure your shadow dries with a glazed finish that will last for hours. If you don’t want to apply shadow, but still want to make your eyes stand out, a nude pencil on your lower waterline will really open up your eyes. You’re welcome.

How to keep your makeup from sweating off this summer

Think tint

Perhaps you spent too long in the sun at the weekend, or haven’t caught any color this year and can’t bear the thought of leaving the house without your foundation? Tinted moisturizers could soon become your new summer best friend as they will give you that sun-kissed glow, sink into your skin, and even come with SPF that will ensure your makeup lasts all day. Plus, your tan will only grow stronger and stronger without you trying. It’s too good to be true!

Waterproof everything

Summer is fun and all, but buckets of sweat and streaky makeup hasn’t always been our first choice of makeup looks. It’s time to utilize everything waterproof to make sure your makeup stays out all day long. Eyeliner, mascara, and even foundations now come in waterproof variables and don’t have to cost a fortune. If you want the same effect from your foundation without the waterproof price tag, choosing a water-based option will help it from running when the temperature starts to hot up.

Stains we like

Lipgloss is so 2009. Now, it’s all about liquid lipsticks and lip stains, not only are they beautiful, but they both come in a vast range of colors and are the perfect option for summer. Why? Because they last all day! If you want to add even more pop, you can even dust a touch of highlighter directly onto your lips to add that final shimmery shine.

How to keep your makeup from sweating off this summer

Set it all up

Once you have applied everything in your makeup routine and you’re looking hot to trot, don’t forget your final summer makeup friend: setting spray. Don’t worry; this isn’t a gimmick from the beauty industry. Setting spray is the perfect answer to keeping your makeup from setting off this summer as it creates a film over your face. This keeps your makeup looking perfect from sunrise to sunset, no matter what you get up to in between.

You might be running from party to party this summer, but that doesn’t mean your makeup has to run with you. In fact, with only a few tips and tricks, you can keep your makeup from sweating off this summer and show the world how it’s done. We like it.