Which hair color should you try to change things up?

Which hair color should you try to change things up?Blonde, brunette, or redhead? tough choice isn’t it? If you thought deciding between those was tough, think of the spectrum of tones that can be found between those hues. Improvements in hair coloring techniques and technologies have only added to this list. And it’s not enough to find a color that you like among these. You then have to figure out which shade will work the best for you, considering your complexion and skin tone.

Many experts of hair coloring often say that when you pick a hair color,try to think about the placement and the saturation that you’d like to emphasize on your skin . Now, as daunting as that may sound, choosing the right hair color isn’t as woeful. Once you’ve got the right shade, it’s all that much easier. So, read on for a crash course that can be the difference between a good hair color and the most flattering hair color for you.

Which hair color should you try to change things up?

Cool skin tone

If your undertones are blue, purple or red, your skin is cool-toned. What you need from your hair color is to balance these with warm golden or icy dark shades. If you are fair-skinned, golden beachy or pearl blondes are the way to go. If you’re looking for something a tad edgier, go platinum. Colors with violet undertones, like strawberry, cherry or fire-engine red are the best suited redhead shades for you. Shades like chestnut and cocoa are the brunette shades for you. Any ashy brown is also a safe bet.

Warm skin tone

Yellow, orange, peachy undertones are a sign of a warm skin tone. What you ought to be looking for are colors that will help bring a natural flush to your face. Buttery tones in blondes, including golden or copper blonde, will help create a balance. If you’re looking to go the red-head way, oranges that pop, like cinnamon, auburn or titian reds are a great go-to. For brunette shades, caramel, espresso, honey and mahogany, colors that will help bring out the sunny hues of your skin.

Which hair color should you try to change things up?

Neutral skin tone

The last option is the neutral skin tone, which many women often consider it as the best of the bunch, due to the fact that you can enjoy both worlds. Olive undertones are a sign of a neutral undertone and will complement most shades you pick. If you’re looking to go blonde, sandy or sun-kissed are the buzzwords you should be on the lookout for. For that red-head look, choose amber reds to balance out the olive tones. Rich dark tones will bring out the best brunette in you with chocolaty colors.

So either if you have a cool, warm, or a neutral skin tone, Picking the right hair color for yourself is not an easy task, as there are many things and factors to consider. So which hair color should you try to change things up? Now that you have this simple guide at your fingertips, go find yourself that perfect shade.