Glasses have become trendy over the years, and here’s why

Thick-rimmed, oversized, round, minimalist – these are just some of the many MANY styles of glasses on offer. How did there get to be so much choice? Fashion, of course. Nowadays, people from all around the globe can be seen with spectacles, but when did they become more than just a necessity to see clearly and part of a growing trend?

Where did glasses come from?

Glasses aren’t a recent invention. In fact, the idea of using glass to help see clearly has been around since the Ancient Romans when emperor Nero used a polished emerald to help protect his eyes from the sun during gladiator fights. The struggles, eh? As time went by, the first glasses for sight are thought to have originated from Europe in the mid-1300s. People had finally learned how to magnify the words in front of them. No longer did the world have to be a blurry image!

Glasses have become trendy over the years, and here’s why

Star-studded influence

As time goes by, many celebs have emerged on the red carpet with a pair of specs. From Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian West to Johnny Depp, and Jennifer Aniston to Brad Pitt – there are so many A-listers out there who are often snapped in their winning specs. Celebrities have a significant influence on what is fashionable and setting the latest trends. Now, it looks as though their eyesight is another aspect that has got the world talking. If they can do it and look so good, why can’t we?

Sense of style

As with most things in life, designer brands have a huge range of glasses on offer. They may cost a bomb, but don’t they just look so good? That’s the catch. These glasses look so good that even those that don’t need them can’t help but try on the lenses. Plus, this gives us another way to stand out in the crowd. Wearing a pair of glasses can change the entire look of your face with one simple accessory. Plus, the frames and colors on offer give almost unlimited options for any outfit.

Glasses have become trendy over the years, and here’s why

Geek chic

For years, being a geek was something no one wanted to hear. However, that has all changed. Now braces, button-up shirts, and bowties are things of the future. Mixed in with all of that is the thick-rimmed glasses. As geek chic is set to stay, one of the easiest ways to find yourself initiated into the pack is to frame your peepers. It looks as though the trend is set to remain, too, thanks to the popularity of superhero films and comic books like never before.

The psychology bit

Now it’s time for the technical bit. It is said that eyes are the windows to our soul. So what happens when we put a barrier there? Precisely. No one ever talks about how someone isn’t wearing glasses. However, people can instantly start to question your personality when you walk in with frames on your face. Many immediately feel they want to get to know the person that lies behind the specs without even realizing it. Our brains somehow just find glasses intriguing without us even trying.

Nowadays, 75% of Americans wear glasses, with many more picking up the specs for the sake of fashion. The glasses trend is here, and it looks as though it is set to stay. That is until something else comes along and sweeps us off our feet. Perhaps we could initiate the return of the top hat?